Former Chinese Super League MVP: When I was a kid, the national football team could always win only by playing Japan with Korean phobia.

 Former Chinese Super League MVP: When I was a kid, the national football team could always win only by playing Japan with Korean phobia.

New Journey

Filling in the blanks of Chinese football

In 2018, as the leader of Changchun football, Du Zhenyu retired with a low profile and ended his career. In 2019, Du Zhenyu announced that he had left Changchun Yatai to set up a club and began to practice baby legs.

Its not unusual for Chinese professional players to join the youth training after retirement, but Du Zhenyus students are a little younger - a group of four to six-year-old dolls. Children of this age should have been the first hope of Chinese football, but now they are blank in Chinese football.

Du Zhenyu found this gap when he was deputy director of Yatai Youth Training Center after retirement. According to the provisions of the Chinese Football Association, the Chinese Super League Club A must have five echelons of U19, U17, U15, U14 and U13. When selecting seedlings, many 9-year-olds have entered the field of vision. There are many potential children, but Du Zhenyu soon found something wrong. They will only pass the ball, dribble these are the most basic. Things, as far as their age is concerned, they dont have enough football skills. They are all things that I would have learned when I was five or six years old. What about the three or four years in the middle?

At least 30 years ago, the gap in Chinese football is still not blank. Todays soccer powerhouse Japan was not regarded as an opponent by Chinese fans. Du Zhenyu, who watched the World Cup with his father in 1986, was impressed for a long time only by Korean phobia, because China always wins the Japanese team. It was not until later that he entered the national team to face the Japanese team that he found that the opponent who had once been dissatisfied with him had become stronger. Their body and speed were probably inferior to those of the Chinese players at that time, but their overall feeling was so good that they suddenly felt that they could not play them?

The perplexity of the playersage has been slowly solved. Du Zhenyu used the pyramid to make a metaphor: All the teaching plans of football in Japan are the same, with a detailed system, and the national team is the top, showing the most perfect system. Japanese children have been enlightened by football since they were three or four years old, just like Du Zhenyu in their time.

We have lagged behind for many years. It is impossible to make up for this gap by ourselves, but everything should start from scratch. Come little by little. Du Zhenyu is writing his first essay on the filling-in question of Chinese football.

Growth Path

The Youngest Chinese Football Professor

When Changchun Yatai Club was founded in 1996, 14-year-old Du Zhenyu entered Yatai Reserve Team. However, he is not from Changchun, but from Shenyang. His family and Zhaojun philosophers are close neighbors. Zhao Junzhe is four years older than him, and they have similar experience in soccer practice. Maybe that group of Shenyang children have similar experience in playing soccer.

At that time, Liaoning football training venues were adjacent to each other. Xiao Du Zhenyu trained on a clay field, next to Zhao Junzhes training ground for later members of Liao Xiaohu, and next to it was the training ground with grass for players in the Ten Championship Period of Liaoning Team. Little Du Zhenyu always watches what his brothers are doing after their training. His greatest wish is to train on that turf one day.

I think thats inheritance, he said.

Inheritance was stuck on Du Zhenyu. Originally, he was reaching his goal step by step: to enter the National Youth Team, and then to enter the National Youth Team, the National Olympic Team and the National Team. Du Zhenyu failed to control his temper during his transition from junior high school to junior high school. When he went to Wuzhou, he had a quarrel with the officials of the Football Association because he was sitting in the wrong position. The price of the quarrel was a six-month suspension ticket from the Chinese Football Association, so it was a little late for people to see him on Shen Xiangfus super platinum team.

Too many Beijing fans remember the scene: on the rainy night of 2007, Beijing Guoan lost 0-1 to Changchun Yatai in the battle for championship. Du Zhenyu laughed brilliantly after the match and pointed at his Yatai uniform and said, We are champions! Twelve years later, Du Zhenyu remembered that Yatai was not easy at that time, but it stood up at the critical moment.

In 2006, Changchun Yatai rose to the top of the Chinese Super League; in 2007, they won the championship of the Chinese Super League. Before Hengda Hengkong was born, Yatai was always called the myth of Chinese football. Du Zhenyu, 24, was elected China Football Master that year and became the youngest Chinese Football Master in the Super League era.

I think God still cares for me. In my limited football career, I got something very satisfying. Du Zhenyu said.

Next Generation

Consider not letting your son play football

In 2018, Changchun Yatai was downgraded from above.

Du Zhenyu, the soul of the team, sent two circles of friends after the match to explode the slogan, denouncing the hard-earned industry was so buried. There were screenshots circulating on the Internet, and he was happy to admit, Yes, its true. I sent out the circle of friends.

From the age of 14 to Changchun, Du Zhenyu witnessed the success of Yatai Chongchao, its peak and its fall from the altar. The demotion was something he never thought of. I didnt expect to get there. I couldnt let it go. There were too many emotional factors.

The content of those two circles of friends was speculated by the outside world that Yatais fall was caused by human disasters, including the words he told his friends and acquaintances when he retired low-key: You just help me by not talking. Because he didnt want to provoke contradictions and disputes, he never said that.

Yatais trajectory is a little like the epitome of Chinese football. Du Zhenyu was silent for a moment. Its a bit like that.

Today, Du Zhenyu is a bit entangled, and his feelings for football have long been engraved in his bones. His family has dozens of balls, from No. 1 to No. 5, which are laughed at by his lover as shooting training can be done at any time. His son also likes football. Everyone is wondering if Xiao Du will follow his fathers football career in the future.

Du Zhenyu, who has devoted himself to preschool football education, is still hesitant: I will not impose my ideas on him. If he really likes it in the future and wants to go this way, I will support him. The reason for hesitation is not to be afraid of the hardships of children. In all walks of life, where can we do well without hardships? Father thought about another thing, because in todays Chinese football environment, only playing well is not enough, there are many other factors, as Du Zhenyu himself had suffered. He is also explaining himself: Look at him, see if he can bear these, can resolve these.

This true mood is somewhat contradictory to what he is doing now. Poor Chinese footballers heart, this kind of hesitation, and more than Du Zhenyu one person.


My biggest regret is that I should still be playing football.

If I transfer, I can also play football. But whats the point of leaving Yatai, even playing football? My home is here.

I think God still cares for me. In my limited football career, I got something very satisfying.

Its also evil. I was injured when I got to the competition, but I was injured for no reason. Maybe it has something to do with the character of our northerners.

When we were young, we touched the ball for too long. We trained after class, wrote homework and had nothing to do, so we went out to toss the ball. How did I practice when I was four or five years old? Just hit the ball and set your feet straight against the wall.

Yatais trajectory is a little like the epitome of Chinese football. Its a bit like that. u2014u2014 Du Zhenyu

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