Warm-up game - Bashuai breaks through Lampards return to Chelseas debut 1-1 draw

 Warm-up game - Bashuai breaks through Lampards return to Chelseas debut 1-1 draw

Last week Chelsea officially announced Lampards return to coaching. It was Chelseas first warm-up match this summer and the first game since Lampard was coached. Lampard used a 4231 formation. Chelsea players have just resumed training, and some international players have not returned, while the Irish Premier League is not over a year old and is currently in the league, so the Bohemians are in the game, they are currently ranked third in the League table.

In the 8th minute, Kennedy, who returned from loan, shot on the restricted area line. After the ball was blocked, he talked about Bashuais foot. Bashuai scored a close shot in front of the door to help Chelsea lead 1-0. In the 39th minute, Bashuai pushed the ball into the penalty area again, then cut in horizontally and shot with his left foot. Unfortunately, this time, the power was too light, and the ball was thrown down by the opposing goalkeeper.

Lampard replaced 11 starters after the break, apparently hoping to test more Chelsea players in action. Chelsea also had plenty of chances in the second half, but failed to score again. The home team equalised in the 89th minute of the game, when Morroy received a straight plug from his teammate and then hit the ball into the near corner of the goal. Chelsea eventually drew 1-1 away with the Bohemians.

Chelseas next warm-up match is against another Irish team, St. Patrick, and with only a month to go before the start of the new season in the Premier League, Coach Lampard has to familiarize Blues players with their tactical requirements as soon as possible and build Chelsea into a team he wants through warm-up matches and training.

Chelseas first half squad: Kabalero/Sterling, Azipiriquita, Gaith, Kennedy/Delinkwater, Ampardo/Pedro, Gallagher, Palmer/Bashuai

Chelseas second half squad: Goumming/Sapacosta, Charoba, Zuma, Mason/Bakayoko, Gilmo/Piazon, Barker, Brown/Ugbo

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