Soxhlet: Bogba Manchester United will never be forced to sell without a team offer!

 Soxhlet: Bogba Manchester United will never be forced to sell without a team offer!

So far, as far as I know, we havent received any offer. We are Manchester United and we will never sell players in this way. This is also our tradition. Solskjaer said: Bogba has never been a player I worry about. He works very seriously. He is always very dedicated and proud. Now, I still think so of him. I dont want to talk about what he and his agent said here today. He has many years to go on his contract with the team and he has been doing very well.

Im here to talk about the goals of the new season... The pre-season has come. Bogba has never put himself out of the team, he has been working hard. Brokers, theyre all the same. Theyre always talking. We havent received any offer for Bogba. Thats all I can say at the moment. I dont want to talk about Layola. There are too many brokers in the world. I have a lot of things to do. I need to care about the whole team and all the players.

In addition to Bogba, Lukaku, Sanchez and De Gea were also rumored to have left the team. When players are unhappy at Manchester United, how will Soho deal with them? As long as they maintain a professional attitude and continue to work hard, their agent can talk to the team about the transfer. Recently, weve been talking about some transfers, but I cant tell you.

Every day, theres always a lot of news and rumors about our players outside, and theyre all very loud and colorful. But for me, these are normal. When you play at Manchester United, some things are inevitable. Ive spoken to Bogba, Lukaku, Rushford, Lingaard and others. We havent received any offers. They still have many years left on their contracts with the team.

Recently, rumors about the discord between Bergba and Lingard have been mentioned many times by the British media. Soxhlet responded: The media always like to mention Bergba at any moment. I dont want to say that the media have made criticism of Bogba their daily life, but Bogba has always been very dedicated, he has a heart of gold. Yesterday, Bogba and Lingaard just walked together and were described by the media as a battle between two boys.

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