NBL Round 23: Anhui Ends Guangxis Undefeated Record and Henan Rises to the Fifth Round

 NBL Round 23: Anhui Ends Guangxis Undefeated Record and Henan Rises to the Fifth Round

Wuhan Contemporary 117-115 Hebei Xianglan

Before the start of the game, Wuhan ranked tenth in the contemporary ranking, and Hebei Xianglan ranked eleventh. Both teams are still fighting for playoff places. This game is a key battle for both teams. The match against Xianglan, Hebei Province, was injured by the big foreign aid, so they could only go out to fight alone. Wuhan team was waiting for it, dispatching all the teams, including two foreign aid, to compete.

At the beginning of the match, Wuhan Contemporary scored two points from Suhaos inside turn in the first round, and then foreign aid Brand grabbed the front rebound and attacked the inside score. Hebei Xianglan foreign aid Robinson unwilling to show weakness, a powerful dunk opened up the situation, Wuhan team foreign aid McFadden immediately three points to color. Since then, the shooting feeling of both sides has declined. With 4 and a half points remaining in the first quarter, Wuhan team has a 15-14 lead over its opponents. In the absence of an appropriate opportunity outside, Wuhan contemporary resolutely shrinks the inside line, weaving a no-fly zone by big foreign aid Brand, forcing opponents to change their offensive strategies. Generally speaking, the first quarter shooting rate of the two teams was low, and eventually the two teams tied 24 to enter the second quarter.

In the second quarter, Wuhan team attacked more resolutely as a whole, and McFadden started with a three-point chase. Hebei Xianglan recovered in the same way, with a 5-point streak from the inside to the outside. Tang Jie made a good layup and stabilized the situation for the Wuhan team. In the second quarter, two minutes later, the Wuhan team took the lead 31-29. Since then, Wuhans contemporary continue to play efficiently, the offensive side played a wave of 7-0 climax, the leading edge also expanded to 9 points. In this section, the problem of insufficient attention on the defensive end of Hebei Xianglan appears again. Wuhan Team laughs at Dali, the whole team attacked like a tide, 62-44, and Wuhan is 18 points ahead in the second half.

In the second half of the second half, Wuhan extended its lead to 20 points, thanks to Brands basket hook score and McFaddens two penalties. Wuhan team continues the previous attack rhythm, Tang Jie, Su Hao, Su Haiqiang and other players have excellent performances.

With McFadden playing 2 + 1, Wuhan Contemporary will be firmly in the lead at 23 points. Xianglan, Hebei Province, unloaded the pressure and burden, let go of the fight, the whole team fought back and once narrowed the gap to 13 points. McFaddens second 2+1 slightly delayed the chasing momentum of the Xianglan team, but Hebei Xianglan immediately rebuilt its flag, hit an offensive climax again, and narrowed the score gap to a minimum.

Its only 10 points short. At the end of the three sections, Xianglan of Hebei lagged behind 78-88.

In the final battle, Brand of Wuhan team started with a strong score under the basket, but Hebei team immediately returned one point or two points, then made a breakthrough and got two more points. Hebei team reduced the score difference to less than 10 points. Wuhan contemporary in the fourth quarter seems to suddenly lose the rhythm, attack and defense at both ends of the limit, with the Hebei team Robinson shot three points, the difference narrowed to only three points. With eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, McFadden of Wuhan replaced Brand. In the following rounds, neither side scored. At the critical moment, Robinson hit three points again, helping Hebei team to overtake one point by 97-96. In the next round, He Yan made a foul in the basket and helped Wuhan team regain one point lead after two penalties. After that, both sides fell into a bitter battle, even if they got one point, they had to work twice as hard. With 19 seconds left in the game, the big heart of Prince Xianglan of Hebei hit three points, and the strong score equalized. In the next round, Su Haiqiang did not shoot. Su Hao suddenly shot and grabbed the front rebound, causing a foul. After two penalties, Wuhan led 117-115. With only one second left in the game, with Robinsons failure in the final attack, Wuhan Contemporary won at home by 2 points against Hebei Xianglan and rose to the ninth place in the scoreboard.

Wuhan contemporary McFadden 37 points, Brand 32 points 27 rebounds, Tang Jie 15 points, Suhao 12 points 13 rebounds.

Hebei Xianglan Robinson 51 points 14 rebounds, Prince Ki 24 points, Luo Yi 12 points, Dong Mengchao 11 points 11 rebounds.

[Post-match Voice

Dai Yong, contemporary coach of Wuhan: Its not easy to win the ball in the end. But Ive been very dissatisfied since the third section. This game also proves that the teams tactical accomplishment is still lacking. Im happy to win the game today, but with some luck.

Hefei original 90-93 Guizhou Guwutang tea

The game was originally hosted by Hefei against Guizhou Guwutang Tea. Hefeis original innovative foreign aid Eliya Robinson made her debut. Campbell continued to be absent due to shoulder injury. Guizhou Guwutang Tea was also a single foreign aid battle. Las Smith truce. At the beginning of the game, Tian Yuheng took the lead in scoring for the original team, and Zhang Bo of Guizhou team responded well. Since then, Hefei originally failed to control the details properly, and made successive mistakes and was attacked by the other side as a defensive counterattack. The team was in a passive position. Robinson, the new foreign aid of the original team, showed his physical talent, strongly detached his opponents and ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. In the last 0.6 seconds of the first quarter, Ottole, a big foreign aid of Guizhou Team, cooperated with his teammates to complete the overhead connection, helping the visitors lead Hefeis original 5 points in the first quarter by 24-19.

In the first quarter of the second quarter, the original team Liu Zihao hit three points, Robinson broke through to hit 2 + 1, helping the team to close the score gap. Then Guizhou Guwutang Tea launched an offensive and made a successive breakthrough. The original team Tian Yuheng hit three points in time to stop the bleeding. Guizhou teams big foreign Ottoler relies on the height superiority to continuously force the inside line score, while the original team is hit by small foreign aid Robinson in succession to return the hit. At the end of the half-match, Hefei originally lagged behind its rivals by 40-43.

In the second half, the original team Liu Zihao began to break out, three points, stealing a one-stop layup, leading the original team to play a wave of 7-0 offensive, overtaking the score in one fell swoop. Guizhou Team immediately responded, combining internal and external scoring, the score was tied to 50. Since then, Hefeis original work has been a little slack. In the second half of the third quarter, Guizhou Team seized the opportunity to set off a number of offensive climaxes, and quickly established the advantage in score, leading the original team by 15 points at the highest time. After three wars, Hefeis original 61-72 lagged behind.

In the fourth quarter, the original team took the lead. Robinson scored 5 points, Liu Zihao also hit three points, leading the team to keep approaching the score difference. Guizhou team Ottole got two points in the basket, and then the original team hit a wave, and the score was only 3 points behind. Yao Guangguo hit three points, helping Guizhou team to stabilize the situation, Liu Zihao also hit three points and color. After the defence of the original team was successful, Robinson hit three points and tied the score again. At this time, the game time is not much left, Sun Rongxiao breakthrough layup to help Guizhou team lead again, the last 24 seconds, the original team offensive, Guizhou team foul free throw score, 93-90 ahead of the original team. In the final attack, Hefeis original equalizer failed to hit, and eventually regretted losing 90-93 to Guwutang Tea in Guizhou.

Hefei original Liu Zihao 29 points, Robinson 25 points, He Junjian 14 points, Tian Yuheng 12 points 12 rebounds.

Guizhou Guwutang Chasun Rongxiao 20 points, Ottoler 19 points 24 rebounds, Yao Guangguo 16 points, Zhang Bo 12 points 10 rebounds, Yan Mingfang 10 points.

[Post-match Voice

Zhang Guodong, Tea Coach of Guwutang, Guizhou Province: Both sides were affected by injuries and sickness, so they could only go out to fight with foreign aid alone. But both sides worked very hard in the course of the competition and dedicated a very fierce competition to the audience.

Guizhou Guwutang Tea Player Ottole: Today we played very hard, the game had ups and downs, relying on the teams efforts, and finally won.

Yang Zhihao, the original coach of Hefei: Today, when foreign players play alone, domestic players assume more responsibilities and perform well on the whole, but they are not good enough in rebound protection, error control and free throw shooting rate. We need to summarize and correct them when we go back.

Hefei original player Liu Zihao: At the beginning of the game, we were in a disadvantage in rebound protection and foul control. With the efforts of the whole team, we fought until the end. I think our teammates played well.

Henan Credit Shop Old Wine 135-121 Chongqing Huaxi International

In a playoff card race, Henan Credit Shop Old Wine played against Chongqing Huaxi International at home. At the beginning of the game, Cui Xiaolong of Henan team put in three points after catching the ball. Josh, a small foreign aid, also hit three points to help the team start 6-0. Chongqing team showed no weakness, and the score was quickly tied to 10 with a series of inward and outward shots. The game entered a fast rhythm. Between you and me, both sides played a smooth attack, and the score was 18 at one time. Since then, it has been difficult for the two sides to open the gap. With Gao Yuxiang of Chongqing team hitting the three-point post, Chongqing Huaxi International ended the first quarter with a 32-29 lead.

In the second quarter, the Henan team changed its playing style, playing big with small, Cui Xiaolong hit the basket twice, Jia Hao also hit the basket, Henan Credit Shop old wine with 37-36 points to overtake. Then Henan team Vietnam became more brave, Josh and Cui Xiaolong hit three points one after another, Tang Jian quickly attacked, Henan team played a wave of small climax, 59-48 to expand the leading edge to double digits, Chongqing team asked for a suspension of adjustment. After the suspension, Chongqing team still did not improve at the offensive end, while Henan team continued to maintain its advantage steadily and steadily. At the end of half-time, Henan Credit Shop wines led 72-59.

In the third section, the shooting rate of old wine in Henan Credit Shop decreased, and there were two passes on the defensive side. Chongqing team seized the opportunity to make a frantic counter-attack, with the help of fast passing and cutting, played a wave of 23-13 offensive climax, and reduced the score to 3 points. After a short period of adjustment, the Henan team advanced rapidly. Josh scored under the basket and Cui Xiaolong scored 2 + 1. Henan team stabilized its position with 90 - 82 and got a chance to breathe. Later, Henan Credit Store Old Wine had a full three-point feel, about two times hit three points, Lu Junhu also hit three points. With Song Yuxuans long pass in the basket hook hit, Henan Credit Store Old Wine ended the third quarter with 108-93 lead.

In the last section, Chongqing Huaxi International Aid Brown scored 4 points in a row. Under his leadership, Chongqing team played a small climax of 8-2, narrowing the score gap to 9 points. At the critical moment, Josh hit three points again and Song Yuxuan hit the board. Henan team successfully curbed the opponents scoring momentum with 115-101. In the last five minutes, the leading Henan team steadied its attack rhythm and strengthened its defense. Chongqing team frequently hit the basketball unsuccessfully. With Tang Jians three-point entry, Henan Credit Shop wines withstood Chongqing teams final stage of massive counter-attack, consumed the game time, and eventually defeated Chongqing Huaxi International by 135-121 at home. The victory also helped Henan to rise to the fifth place.

Henan Credit store old wine about 42 points 12 assists, Harris 28 points 11 rebounds, Tang Jian 21 points, Cui Xiaolong 19 points, Lu Junhu 12 points.

Chongqing Huaxi International Brown has 36 points, 16 rebounds, Gao Yuxiang 26 points, Zaizev 22 points and Yu Xiang 19 points.

[Post-match Voice

Li Weigang, Head Coach of Henan Credit Shop Wine: The other side is very strong, especially the inside line. Today our inside line defense is doing well, so we won the game.

Tang Jian, an old wine player in Henan Credit Shop, has earnestly carried out the intention and defensive tactics laid out by the coach and dedicated a wonderful match to the fans of his team.

Chongqing Huaxi International Coach Zhang Tao: Congratulations on the victory of the home team.

Gao Yuxiang, Chongqing Huaxi International Player: There is no restriction on the other sides small foreign aid. Our players still play very hard.

Luoyang Venus Walrus 89-106 Develops in Putian, Anhui Province

In the first quarter, Putian Xing served in Anhui Province. Zhang Jin-basketball hook and Hicks grabbed the front rebound and attacked twice. Luoyang Venus Walrus opened the record by the official industry, 2-6. Both sides made a very fast start. Putian, Anhui Province, has a strong desire to attack, with Hicks as the main offensive inside line and scored 10 points, 11-20, Luoyang Venus Walrus asked for a suspension. Back from the suspension, Luoyang Venus Walrus Liang Cheng had a good time difference, Gao Mingyang hit the right-wing high-throw board, Putian Xingfa in Anhui Province was hit by Hicks on the inside, and Peng Meisheng hit back three points. At the end of the first quarter, 20-29, the two sides maintained a 9-point difference.

In the next section, Venus walrus in Luoyang made three successive mistakes, and Putian, Anhui, scored four points in succession as soon as it started to prosper. When Guo Tong failed in the attack, Nonneli made a supplementary break, breaking the scoring shortage for the team, with the score reaching 22-36. Xue Shiwei left-handed collusion, Liang Cheng basket, Peng Meisheng and three-thirds, Luoyang Venus walrus hit a wave of 9-4 climax. Putian, Anhui, combed the attack, immediately hit back a wave of 6-0 to stop the Venus walrus in Luoyang. Back from the suspension, Gao Mingyang played 2 + 1, Guanyejia took advantage of the other sides mistakes to receive the long pass and fast attack, and the two sides fell into confusion. 44-56. At the end of the first half, the Venus Walrus in Luoyang was temporarily behind.

Yibian re-war, Putian, Anhui Province thrived in tandem, a wave of 8-2 once again to stop opponents. Pause back, Luoyang Venus walrus patiently play positional warfare, through the conduction ball to find scoring opportunities. However, Putian, Anhui Province, launched a joint offensive of double foreign aid, which was extremely fierce. 55-74, Venus walrus in Luoyang still lagged behind. Liang Chengzhuang fouled three points and Peng Meishengs baseline three points. Venus walrus in Luoyang hit a wave of 12-1, narrowing the score to single digits. Putian Xingfa in Anhui asked for a suspension. Pause back, Luoyang Venus walrus continued the previous excellent state, constantly hit back well. In the final attack, Hicks of Putian Xingfa, Anhui, grabbed the front rebound and hit the rebound. The score reached 72-79 on the court. The Venus Walrus of Luoyang entered the final section with a disadvantage of 7 points.

In the final battle, Liu Renbin, Xingfa, Putian, Anhui, made a sneak attack under the basket and Liu Haoyuan hit 2+1, 73-84, with the difference reaching double digits again. Putian Xingfa in Anhui Province is playing more and more smoothly, Hicks hits the jump shot backward, while domestic players are also beginning to play, while Luoyang Venus Walrus is more dependent on personal ability singles, lack of cooperation between teams, 80-101, the game almost lost suspense. In the last minute, 43 seconds, the two sides exchanged foreign aid and trained in all Chinese classes. Finally, at the end of the game, Luoyang Venus Walrus lost 89-106 to Putian, Anhui, and lost the home win.

Luoyang Venus Walrus Nonnelli 22 points 17 rebounds, Xue Shiwei 18 points 16 rebounds, Liang Cheng 11 points, Peng Meisheng 11 points.

Putian, Anhui Hicks 40 points 12 rebounds, Cook 27 points 14 rebounds, Liu Renbin 12 points 10 rebounds, Liu Haoyuan 11 points.

[Post-match Voice

Li Kaihua, Coach of Xingfa, Putian, Anhui Province: Although there are many young people in Luoyang Team, we still send the strongest team and remain serious and focused.

Luoyang Venus Walrus Coach Li Jianxin: We played a very good game, especially in the second and third quarters, but our ability to defend the other sides foreign aid is still poor, so that the other side combined to get 67 points.

Xue Shiwei, Venus Walrus player in Luoyang: Today we all tried our best. We regret that we failed to win the game. We will continue to work hard in the future.

Wenyi 121-108, Anhui, Weizhuang, Guangxi

This round of focus battle, by Anhui Wenyi town home to meet the league leader Guangxi Weizhuang. At the beginning of the competition, Guangxi Weizhuang was the main anti-tourists, scoring successively by breaking through the interior line and taking the lead in entering the state. However, once Anhui Wen was adjusted, the internal and external blossoms produced a shock wave of 8-0, which overtook the score at one stroke. Subsequently, the two sides fell into a tug-of-war, and the score remained tight, failing to widen the gap. In the last minute of the first quarter, Anhui Wenyi speeded up sharply. Rochester made an all-round performance. First, he hit a three-point shot, then quickly attacked and passed Yang Wenbo to the basket. Then he stood on the free throw line and made two free throws. Anhui Wenyi, who hit a 7-0 shock wave, led Guangxi Weizhuang 32-25 to finish the first quarter.

Li Xiangbo, a first-year General of Anhui Wenyi, achieved remarkable results after his debut in the second quarter. He scored 9 points in a row. At the same time, he caused a series of defensive fouls by Zilbers, a big foreign aid of Guangxi Team, which helped Anhui Wenyi keep ahead. Guangxi Weizhuang Jones activates the whole teams offense by breaking through points continuously, and at the same time creates some trouble for the defensive end of Anhui Wenyi, helping the team gradually narrow the score difference. At the end of the first half, Wenyi 55-53 of Anhui maintained a weak lead.

After the Second World War in Yibian, Anhui Wenyi Jiang Fangan stepped forward, and the performance of inward and outward investment was very eye-catching. After the speed-up, Anhui Wenyi was more than capable of playing at the offensive end. After Jiang Xiangans left 45 degree three-point hit, Anhui Wenyi led Guangxi Weizhuang by 79-69 to reach double digits. After the Guangxi team failed to attack, it was hit back again by the other side, and the coach Zhang Yong was forced to ask for a suspension. After the suspension, Rochester and Yang Wenbo took over the scoring flag and hit three points respectively, continuing to help Anhui Wenyi take the initiative in the competition with a double-digit lead. 95-83, Anhui Wenyi led 12 points to end the third quarter.

The two-digit leading Anhui Wen-yi did not relax in the last quarter. Although Guangxi team hit three consecutive points, Zhou Qixins three points and Jiang Fangans jump shot were still killing opponents. Since then, the two played a delicate cooperation, Anhui Wenyi fast-break counter-attack hit Jiang Fangs Annmiao Chuan Zhou Qixin, helping the latter to lay up easily, Dakari also sent a wonderful pass to Jiang Fangan. With 2 minutes and 30 seconds to go before the end of the game, Li Cedar, who had just sent Li Xiangbo a wonderful pass, was able to lay up and help Anhui Wenyi lock in the winning game. At the end of the game, Anhui Wenyi defeated Guangxi Weizhuang 121-108, successfully ending the 20 consecutive wins of Guangxi Team and giving the opponent the first defeat of the season.

Anhui Wenyi Dakari 27 points 20 rebounds, Rochester 22 points, Yang Wenbo 20 points, Jiang Fangan 17 points, Li Xiangbo 16 points, Zhou Qixin 14 points.

Guangxi Weizhuang Jones has 22 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 20 points, 12 rebounds, 17 points for Li Minghao, 16 points for Lin Mingyi and 16 points for Chen Jinlong.

[Post-match Voice

Guangxi Weizhuang Coach Zhang Yong: Congratulations on Anhui Wenyi winning the competition. Today the team played really well, but injuring two players may affect our later game. The main reason for todays defeat is that the players did not defend and rebound well.

Guangxi Weizhuang player Li Minghao: Rebound and defense were also mentioned at the meeting, but we still havent done a good job in this area.

Anhui Wenyi Coach Liu Jiulong: This game, we overwhelm the opponents in momentum, considering that the playoffs may meet again, so this ball is more a battle of confidence. Thank the team members for their spirit of struggle, the other side double foreign aid has been very limited. Jiang Fangan played the best game of the season, which shows that our team still has a lot of potential to tap.

Anhui Wenyi player Yang Wenbo: Today there is no complete restriction on the other pitchers, but in the second half our offensive momentum has risen, I hope we continue to maintain.

Beijing Buckdeer 96-93 Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry

In the first competition, Mayo of Jinjian Rice Industry in Hunan Province scored two consecutive empty-cut points, which opened the prelude of the game. Yang, the foreign aid of Beijing team, was very enthusiastic, hitting two points and three points successively to help the team take the lead temporarily by 12-8. Subsequently, Hunan Jinjian rice industry foreign aid Mayo began to erupt. In four minutes, the individual scored 12 points, leading the team to exceed the score. Later in the round, both sides attacked and defended each other. With the cooperation of foreign aid and domestic players, the Beijing Bucks gradually took the initiative on the field and temporarily led Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry by 26-22.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Hunan Jinjianmis foreign aid Ganbo made two jump shots in three seconds, but then the team was busy making mistakes. The back-court baseline service was snatched by Beijing team Zhao Boyang and shot directly into the basket, resulting in a foul, and the free throw hit three points successfully. The Beijing team strengthened its oppression on the defensive end. Holyfield sent out blocked caps continuously. Driven by the strong defense, the Beijing team made a continuous counter-attack, stopping the opponent 11-0 in a wave. After the suspension, the scoring momentum of the Beijing team slowed down and the two sides entered a stalemate. At the end of the half-match, 52-39, the Beijing Bucks continued to lead.

At the beginning of the third section, Hunan Jinjian rice industry began to rise, hit and shoot successively, while the opponents foothold was unstable and hit a wave of 8-0 climax, Beijing team requested a suspension. Back on the court, Yang, the foreign aid of Beijing team, broke through the sudden stop and hit the jumper, but still failed to stop the attack of Jinjianmi Industry in Hunan. With the sharp offensive in this section, Hunan team tracked the score to 71 at the end of this section.

In the fourth section of the war, both sides dispatched large foreign aid to fight for fierce internal competition. Hunan Team Li Lin and Mayo hit the outside line one after another, helping the team lead by 6 points. At the last moment, Yuheng of Beijing team hit the inside line in collusion, and Zhao Zheng of the outside line hit the key three points as the team approached the score difference. Hunan Jinjian rice industry relied on Mayo to gain the lead again, while Beijing team equalized by Zhao Boyang. At this time, there are 12 seconds to play, Beijing teams ball right, Zhao Zheng break through the high block after the basket was not hit, Holyfield also did not make up the basketball, the two sides 88 tied into overtime.

In extra time, Hunan Jinjianmiye Mayo catches the ball and shoots, while Beijing team mainly relies on breakthrough killing free throw score. There are some problems in both playersphysical strength in overtime, and the shooting percentage of both teams is not very high. The Beijing team was led by Holyfield to defend and drive the attack. With 12 seconds to go before the game, Hunan team suspended its tactics. When Mayo came back from the suspension, he successfully received his teammates serve through running position, but then retreated three points and failed to equalize. The game was over. Finally, after the overtime war, Beijing Bucks beat Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry by 96-93.

Beijing Bucks Yang 26 points, Zhao Boyang 21 points, Yu Heng 17 points, Holyfield 16 points 31 rebounds, Wang Qipeng 11 points. Hunan Jinjian rice industry Mayo 40 points 11 rebounds, Ganbo 26 points 9 rebounds, Li Lin 8 points, Deng Yuxin 7 points 8 rebounds. Huang Wenlong, owner coach of Jinjianmi in Hunan Province: The players are very tough. Hunan Jinjian Rice Player Li Lin: Seek the reason for losing the match from oneself, and strive to play the following match well. Beijing Bucks coach Wei Mingliang: Its a tough game and the players are playing very well. Execution is very good, very stubborn when lagging behind, seriously prepared for the next away game. Beijing Bucks player Zhao Boyang: Everyone persevered in the most difficult time of the game. Source of this article: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Qiao Yuanlei_NS1098

Beijing Bucks Yang 26 points, Zhao Boyang 21 points, Yu Heng 17 points, Holyfield 16 points 31 rebounds, Wang Qipeng 11 points.

Hunan Jinjian rice industry Mayo 40 points 11 rebounds, Ganbo 26 points 9 rebounds, Li Lin 8 points, Deng Yuxin 7 points 8 rebounds.

[Post-match Voice

Huang Wenlong, owner coach of Jinjianmi in Hunan Province: The players are very tough.

Hunan Jinjian Rice Player Li Lin: Seek the reason for losing the match from oneself, and strive to play the following match well.

Beijing Bucks coach Wei Mingliang: Its a tough game and the players are playing very well. Execution is very good, very stubborn when lagging behind, seriously prepared for the next away game.

Beijing Bucks player Zhao Boyang: Everyone persevered in the most difficult time of the game.