Grand Slam 100 wins! Federers record of how good X? 15 Grand Slams in a row

 Grand Slam 100 wins! Federers record of how good X? 15 Grand Slams in a row

Federer lost 4-6 in the first set against Jin Zhigui, but then reversed 6-1, 6-4 and 6-4. The whole game, Federer reappeared the leak point king nature, 14 break opportunities in the game only grasped four.

Whether for Federer or for the entire tennis world, this game is of great significance. It was Federers 100th win at Wimbledon and he was the first player in the tennis world (men and women) to win 100 in a single Grand Slam.

At Wimbledon, Federer reached the top 16 and tied Connorsrecord of 98 wins in a single Grand Slam. Fight to the top eight, Federer has surpassed Connors to enjoy the first person in history, this mornings Yum Sheng is a great legend in the tennis world.

The 100 wins in a single Grand Slam is a great number. You know, there are no more than seven Grand Slam wins. Even if a game is not lost, it will take nearly 15 years to win in a row. Since winning the first round of Wimbledon in 2001, it took Federer 19 years to complete this historic feat.

At the moment of winning, I didnt realize it was the 100th victory. When I signed a fan, he said this to me and I said,Oh, yes, thats right. Federer said it was always a pleasure to win 100 games, but the game against Kwok Kui didnt start well. Fortunately, the second set played well and kept its form.

Tomorrow night in the semi-final, Federer will play No. 3 seed Nadal, the 40th meeting between the two, but also 11 years later in Wimbledon again.

Wimbledon Mens Singles Winning Rank

Federer: 100 wins

Connors: 84 wins

Becker: 71 wins

Djokovic: 70 wins

Sampras: 63 wins

McEnroe: 59 wins

Murray: 57 wins

Nadal: 53 wins

Borg: 51 wins

Source: Li Xiaotian_NS6473, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper