Arsenal youngster will be scolded nigger out of control crying! Still stick to the game

 Arsenal youngster will be scolded nigger out of control crying! Still stick to the game

Tutu, a 20-year-old from Reading Junior Academy, joined Arsenal in 2015. He started playing for the U23 Reserves last season, made 18 appearances and won the championship with the team, and was included in Arsenals substitute list in last seasons Europa League group match. This summer, Tutu was loaned by Arsenal to Bochum, the German second team. This was his first game in Bochum, but he met with racial discrimination for the first time in his football career.

In the 42nd minute of the first half of the warm-up match, Tutu went to an opposing player and said a few words to each other. Then Tutu seemed to be out of control. He went to the referee to complain, then went directly to the sideline, and couldnt help but shed tears and covered his eyes with his jersey. Tutu later said that a St. Gallen player insulted himself as a nigger. But after half-time, Tutu adjusted his mentality and insisted on finishing the game.

Say no to racial discrimination, Tutu said on Instagram after the game. He also revealed, Im very disappointed because Im racially discriminated against. No one should be discriminated against, and its hard for me to understand why a professional player is disrespectful in this way. Both Arsenal and Bochum have given me great support, and I hope we can prove that racism has no room in football.

The Bochum Club then said, Bochum strongly condemns all forms of racism, Tutu, we support you! The Club reserves the right to take further measures. Arsenal Football Club is also concerned about the outgoing player. We are working closely with Bochum and Tutu, and we are fully supportive of him. Racism has no room in football and we will not tolerate any form of discrimination.

The Swiss St Gallen Club said that the club had talked to the players concerned, but the players denied any discrimination and would not take further action. The Club of St. Gallen condemns racism in all its forms, and any such acts will be punished. No matter the origin, colour or religion of the players, our players will respect each other.

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