Africa Cup - Shenhua will assist Oolong Nigeria 2-1 to finish in the top four!

 Africa Cup - Shenhua will assist Oolong Nigeria 2-1 to finish in the top four!

The only goal in the first half came in the 27th minute. Arsenal player Ivobi passed the ball vertically on the left side and was blocked by the defender for his midway shot in Villarreals Chuwuze restricted area. The defensive player did not respond, Chu Wuze immediately followed up with a shot to break the door. Nigeria took the lead 1-0.

South Africa equalized in the 71st minute. Tawu free kick passed into the forbidden area. After a ferry, the ball came to Zugu on the left side of the small forbidden area. The midfielder, who played for Amien Faja, headed the Nigerian gate.

The assistant referee first indicated that Zu Gu was offside, but the referee found through VAR playback that it was not the header ferry sent by the South African players, but Iharo used his back to block the ball in front of Zu Gu. In this way, there is no possibility of offside for Zu Gu, so the referee decided that the goal was valid.

Nigeria scored the winner in the 89th minute. Levante striker Simons left corner pass, South African goalkeeper Williams hit the air, and Udinese centre-back Ikon blocked the ball into the net at close range. Nigeria eventually made a difficult 2-1 promotion thanks to a gift from the opposing goalkeeper.

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