Chinese pupils shocked the world! Skipping rope 3 times to set world record 1 second can jump 9.5 times

 Chinese pupils shocked the world! Skipping rope 3 times to set world record 1 second can jump 9.5 times

Three world records, averaging 9.5 times a second

The 2019 rope skipping World Cup (Norway) was held in Oslo from July 1 to July 13, 2019. The World Cup rope skipping competition attracted 975 athletes from 26 countries and regions in the world. The scale of the competition was the largest in history. A total of 18 teams represented Chinas national rope skipping team.

In the 2009 Norwegian rope skipping World Cup, the world saw another Chinese speed after Made in China and China Standard. In the speed relay of the interactive rope race, only the players bowed their heads, their whole body was in a half-squat position, their feet moved alternately like motors, the wind was pounding, and the ropes on their hands were swinging alternately. Quick as a flash of lightning, almost invisible rope shadow, instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

Finally, Jiang Dali, Huang Junkai, Jin Zhenyu and Zheng Wenxuan from Baoshan Mountain in Shanghai broke the WJR record by 853 and 925 relays in 3X40 seconds and 2X60 seconds respectively.

Jiang Dali, Huang Junkai and Jin Zhenyu broke the world record of DDC speed event with 286 times in 30 seconds, and the average rhythm frequency of their feet was 9.5 times in 1 second, which shocked the whole audience. They broke 136 times of single-foot rope jumping in 30 seconds that they had broken last year (Jiang Dali, Huang Junkai, Jin Zhenyu in 2017). Create a Guinness World Record for 133 single-foot rope jumps in 30 seconds Interactive Rope Speed Race!

Fusion of Speed and Pattern, Enthusiasm and Vitality

In the performance competition, young players Jiang Dali, Huang Junkai, Jin Zhenyu, Zheng Wenxuan, Lin Yichen, Chen Jinyi, Lu Yisi and Han Jinyue showed the audience a difficult group self-made performance.

Stepping on the exact music node, waving the light jumping rope, dazzling formation and a variety of difficult jumping rope movements, formed a performance of speed and pattern flying together, passion and vitality.

The podium was full of Chinese red

Young athletes, even if they are small, should hold up the five-star red flag and the National Anthem of the Peoples Republic of China, which resounds throughout the venue. All the Chinese present cant help singing the national anthem, China, come on! China, win! Thankyou China! Its lingering in my ears... At this moment, theyre China!

Behind these gold medals is the daily hard training. Team members need to train in the morning and afternoon, go home to finish their homework, and do push-ups and sit-ups. They are not only excellent in sports, but also in school.

Last year, the school made a statistic. At that time, the average score of the team students was over 286.5 (full score is 300).

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Li Xiaotian_NS6473