Zhang Kangyang refuses to sell Ikardi at a low price! Request at least 60 million Euros

 Zhang Kangyang refuses to sell Ikardi at a low price! Request at least 60 million Euros

Ikardis current contract termination fee is 110 million euros. According to Sports Daily of Rome, Inter Milan President Zhang Kangyang also understands that it is impossible to sell Ikardi at such a high price under the current situation, but his price for Ikadir should be as low as 60 million to 70 million euros. Chairman Zhang Kangyang will not accept the low price. Sell Ikardi.

The two clubs most interested in Icardi are Juventus and Napoli. Juventus are willing to offer Icardi a higher salary than Inter, but they only want to spend 40 million to 45 million euros on the transfer fee. Although Icardi himself is willing to accept a move to Juve, Inter do not agree with the price offered by Juve.

Napoli agreed to bid 60 million for Icardi. Inter Milan manager Marotta has regarded Napoli as the first choice for negotiations, but Icardi is reluctant to join Napoli. In addition, Juve want to clear up Higuain before signing Icardi, but Higuain is reluctant to leave Juve and is now back for summer training, which also affects the negotiation process of Icardi.

In addition, the Spanish newspaper AS revealed that Atletico Madrid are also interested in Icardi. Coach Simoni is very optimistic about the efficient striker. Once Gritzman joins Barcelona, Atletico Madrid will also consider making an offer for Icardi.

While trying to sell Icardi at a reasonable price, Inter are still trying to sign Lukaku. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter director Osirio will travel to London on Thursday for talks with Manchester United club management over the transfer of Lukaku. Inter coach Konti hopes to determine the new seasons squad as soon as possible so that new players can participate in summer training to familiarize themselves with their tactical requirements.

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