Liu Hong, 32, the first person in history who was four months late, broke the world record again

 Liu Hong, 32, the first person in history who was four months late, broke the world record again

Womens 20 km race walking Olympic champion, world champion, world record and womens 50 km race walking world record... Liu Hong has gathered almost all the honors she can get. Behind such a halo, it is the old mans unknown efforts and perseverance.

32-year-old Liu Hong, the First Man

Very satisfied with the first time, I hope to surprise you all.

This is a simple comment written by Liu Hong on the social network on March 9, this year, after breaking the record of 50 km race walking. The words do not seem surprising, but the record she has created is enough to shock the whole world of race walking.

In 3 hours, 59 minutes and 15 seconds, Liu Hong made such an amazing achievement in the third race of his return to the race walking arena. You know, before she crossed the finish line, she didnt even get any formal results in this project.

So how amazing is Liu Hongs record?

A simple comparison of data is enough to illustrate the problem. At last years Jakarta Asian Games, the mens 50km race was only 4 hours, 3 minutes and 30 seconds, which meant that Liu Hong set a new record enough to defeat all the Asian 50km race walkers, and even if the result was compared with the mens achievement in the Doha World Track and Field Championship, it was only 15 seconds behind.

In other words, Liu Hongs strength is even enough to rank among the worlds top 100 mens 50 km race walking.

Of course, the 50km race walking is still very young, and it is only three years since it became an official IAAF event. The athletes who are engaged in the training and competition of this event need to be trained.

Before Liu Hong broke the world record, there were three officially recognized world records. The total score of three times increased by 3 minutes and 50 seconds, while Liu Hong alone increased the new record by 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

Unfortunately, three months after Liu Hong broke the world record, Russian 23-year-old Afanasieva scored 3 hours, 57 minutes and 08 points in Cheboxsare.

According to the process, Afanasievas achievements have not been officially confirmed by the IAAF, and it is expected that it will take three or four months to get final recognition. By then, Liu Hongs record will be refreshed.

Even so, Liu Hong has won the title of first person in womens 50km race walking, the first female athlete ever to break through four hours in this event.

And Liu Hong is also the holder of another race walking record. As early as June 6, 2015, Liu Hong set the world record for womens 20 km race walking at La Coruna Station, Spain, in 1 hour, 24 minutes and 38 seconds.

It is self-evident that 32-year-old Liu Hong is in the world of walking race, but she hopes to use her achievements to win more attention and attention for walking race. After all, womens 50 kilometers walking race as a young sport has not yet entered the biggest stage:

In the track and field events of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, the only one with only mens events and no womens events is the 50 km race walking.

At present, womens 50 kilometers race walking really does not have the conditions to enter the Olympic Games. Liu Hong understands the situation of this project, so she is also trying to change, Although the Olympic Games have the basic position of gender equality, but this project is really too cold, small crowds.

It took only nine months to break the record, and Liu Hong paid too much.

Liu Hongs magical performance of Break 4 has drawn worldwide attention to the charm of womens 50 km race walking. But even without such great achievements, Liu Hong has written a legend.

Over the past two years, Liu Hong has experienced marriage and childbirth, and the focus of her life has begun to tilt towards her family. When most people thought she was going to retire, she put on her battle gown again and stood on the track for the simple and simple reason that she couldnt give up her love for track and field.

Re-emergence, this decision is actually very risky for Liu Hong, because she is 32-year-old veteran, and because of marriage and childbirth, she has not had systematic training for two years.

The recovery training of mother athletes is much harder than that of ordinary people. Breastfeeding and weight loss alone will take a lot of effort. Moreover, Liu Hongs abdominal pain at that time was not completely eliminated due to cesarean section. The separation of rectus abdominis still has a width of more than one finger. Meanwhile, the muscle level declines seriously, and the weight reaches 56 kilograms. About.

But these objective difficulties did not deter Liu Hong. From the initial three months of yoga training and a small amount of treadmill race walking to the later plateau training, Liu Hong recovered for nine months.

In the 17 weeks of special training, Liu Hongs training intensity is gradually approaching the past days of ascetic monks.

Liu Hong told Peng Mei journalists two years ago, In the most difficult days, the weekly training volume can reach about 190 kilometers. Now, her maximum weekly training capacity is 133 kilometers, and her maximum monthly training capacity is 450 kilometers. These intensity have reached about 70% of her peak state.

From the experience of other European competitors, we can see that many female athletes can recover their endurance level well after having children. While adjusting his training intensity, Liu Hong also put the competition center on the 50 km race walking.

Promote the race walk. Ill always be on the court.

New identity, new training and competition plans, new goals, but not the same is the enthusiasm and persistence for the game, more importantly, those ups and downs of experience and the growth brought about by the new stage of life, so that Liu Hong more mature.

In fact, before he faded out of the track and field circle in 2017, Liu Hong experienced the suspension of the Rio Olympic Games.

There were about four days at that time. I trained at home alone, so Im very proud to think about it now. So big things can be carried over, and finally won the championship, I think this is the wealth of life.

Now, Liu Hong has returned to the walking race, with enough honor, she is no longer concerned about winning or losing, but how to promote the sport to a wider stage.

The development of the project may take more than ten or twenty years. I cant compete, but I still hope that this day, I would like to join in the work of promoting the development of walking race, so that the new generation of athletes will no longer have such confusion and distress.

A year later, in Tokyo Olympic Games, maybe Liu Hong is no longer the leader of the womens walking team, but all she has experienced and her achievements have been legendary.

Source: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Li Xiaotian_NS6473