Boys close windows when the window falls from the 23rd floor developers: has been guaranteed their own responsibility

 Boys close windows when the window falls from the 23rd floor developers: has been guaranteed their own responsibility

When the window closes, the window suddenly falls from the 23rd floor to frighten the owner and developer: it has been two years since the quality assurance needs to be maintained by oneself (Source:)

At 9:00 p.m. on July 8, in the central city of Leshan, Sichuan, a high-altitude falling event occurred in the area of the Territory International Pavilion. A window fell from the 23rd floor, and popped into several pieces, almost hitting passers-by downstairs.

When the principal lacquer lady said that her 10-year-old son closed the window, it was unexpectedly pulled out of the window frame and fell downstairs. She believes that the cause of the accident should be the quality of the windows.

But the developer territory group Le Mei Branch said that the district in late 2014 delivery, windows and doors quality guarantee period of 2 years, has passed the quality guarantee period, if the accident should be the owners responsibility.

In this regard, the local housing sector said that if there is a window quality problem, even if it exceeds the two-year warranty period, developers also have to bear responsibility.

Incident District

Incident: The 10-year-old child closed the window and fell from the 23rd floor

On the morning of July 9, when the cover journalist arrived at the Territory International Pavilion Community, many residents were still talking about the nights ghostly moment. Reporters noted that the 14 buildings in the district are high-rise residential buildings. Subsequently, the reporter came to Lady Lacquers home on the 23rd floor of the two buildings and three units concerned.

Ms. Lacquer took the reporter to the master bathroom. Thats where the window fell. She pointed to the window and said that when the accident happened, his 10-year-old son was ready to take a bath. He closed the window and found it could not be pulled. I asked him to pull the window back a little, and then he pulled back a little. When he closed the window again, the window suddenly fell down.

Ms. lacquer is too laggy to see that the family has not been able to change windows installed by developers in 2015. There are no violent attacks on windows in recent years, but often appear tight and very tight. Especially in the main bedroom and dining room windows, the windows are most obvious. Unexpectedly, it fell down directly this time. Ms. Lacquer believes that the cause of the accident should be the quality of the windows.

According to Ms. Lacquer, on the morning of the 9th, a staff member was sent to the property to check the windows, but did not inform the inspection results.

The window of Lady Lacquers master bathroom has fallen off.

Households: Look for the causes and investigate the potential safety hazards in an all-round way

If such a high floor falls, the consequences will be unthinkable if it hits someone! As a result of several tragedies caused by the recent high-altitude crash incident, the incident caused a great disturbance in the community residents, many owners told reporters: I hope to check all the windows in the community once, eliminate hidden dangers.

In response, Zhang Ming, the service manager of HSBC Property Territory International Pavilion Project Services Center, who is responsible for the property of the residential area, said that for Ms. Lacquers house, the project director would be appointed to go to the door again to find out the cause. She believes that because the house has been living for more than four years, it is inevitable that there will be window wear. If there is wear and tear, it is necessary to replace the window pulley, and the property will cooperate with its replacement.

Zhang Ming, the Property Manager

We will also take this as a lesson, in this investigation of public areas of doors and windows security risks. Zhang Ming said that for the doors and windows of other ownershomes, we hope that you can check yourself first. If you need the property to cooperate with the investigation, the property will cooperate unconditionally. According to the property management regulations, property management does not include the owners indoor, so there is no right and obligation to take the initiative to visit and investigate.

But Ms. Lai said that as of the evening of July 10, the property had not contacted her to find out the cause of the accident again.

Developer: Maintenance by Owner after 2 years of warranty

During the interview, Ms. Lacquer always thought that there were some problems in the quality of the windows. After more than four yearsstay, we all used them normally, but this kind of thing still happened.

With doubts, the reporter came to the real estate developer - Territory Group Co., Ltd. Le Mei Company. Li Rui, the head of Customer Service Department, said that Ms. Chas two residential buildings were the first phase project of the community. At the end of 2014, she handed in the house and issued the building quality guarantee certificate when handing in the house. It clearly stated that the quality guarantee period of the doors and windows was 2 years, and the doors and windows should be maintained by the owners themselves after 2 years.

Territorial Group Le Mei Company

At present, the Territory Group has 10 buildings in Leshan, mostly in high-rise residential areas, but the window drop is only one case, it should be an example. Li Rui also analyzed that the owner had used the house for many years after delivery, even if it had not been damaged intentionally, it might also have some impact on the structure of doors and windows because of living habits and other reasons.

Buildings: Developers with quality problems should still be held accountable

Does the owner really have to be responsible for the problems after the two-year warranty period for doors and windows?

Longhaifeng, deputy stationmaster of Leshan Construction Quality and Safety Supervision Station, said that if the window falls, causing casualties and property losses, the owner will be held accountable first. If the owner wants to prove that the quality of the window is caused by the quality of the window, he must provide a certificate issued by a third-party testing agency, and then prosecute the developer in accordance with the legal relationship. If it proves that there are quality problems in windows, even if it exceeds the two-year warranty period, developers should bear the corresponding responsibility.

Two residential districts in the incident

On Ms. Lais window falling at high altitude, Wen Qiang, the head of safety section of Leshan Housing and Construction Bureau, said that they had reported to Leshan Housing Security and Real Estate Affairs Center and urged the property of each residential district to carry out a safety hazard investigation of falling objects at high altitude as soon as possible.

In fact, on July 8, the Leshan Housing Security and Real Estate Affairs Center, together with the Leshan Property Management Association, had just issued a Refusal of Parabolic Initiative at High Altitude, which included: Regular self-examination and removal of dangerous hidden dangers in their balconies, doors and windows, and outdoor hangings to prevent them. High-altitude falling objects.

Unexpectedly, this happened the night the initiative was launched.

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