Why dont Zhejiang college students take the cheat sheet in their exams and open the book directly?

 Why dont Zhejiang college students take the cheat sheet in their exams and open the book directly?

Why can some Zhejiang college students swagger into the examination hall with little copies? Do you agree with the one page open book model?

In order to copy more content, I bought the thinnest pen core.

According to media reports, a few days ago, if you were at the entrance of the Analytical Chemistry (A) exam in Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University, you would be surprised to see that every examinee swaggered with a pamphlet.

Reporters outside the examination hall carefully looked at a small copy prepared by the students and found that most of the small copies of the handwriting is very small. Words smaller than mung beans are densely distributed on an A4 sheet, leaving no gaps between rows.

These dense copies are the symbol of the half-open-book examination mode. Open-book examination, candidates can bring all kinds of information into the examination room; closed-book examination, candidates can not bring any information into the examination room; and semi-open-book examination, candidates can only bring an A4 paper into the examination room, as for how many words can be written on it, it depends on your ability.

In order to write more content, some students specially prepared more detailed pens. I used a 0.3mm pen core to write, and I prepared this little copy of A4 paper for nearly two weeks.

Why not just open-book exams? Fear of turning exams into materials

Shen Hong, an associate professor in Chemistry Department of Zhejiang University, has been teaching Analytical Chemistry (A) for eight years. This course is aimed at students from many majors, such as agronomy, food science and engineering, chemical pharmacy and bioengineering.

Its textbooks cover a wide range of contents and knowledge points are intensive. It not only teaches chemical knowledge, such as analysis of chemical instruments, calculation of chemical formulas, but also involves the relationship between chemical knowledge and statistics, physics and so on. The reason why I take the semi-open-book examination is that I hope to reduce part of the studentsmemory burden. Shen Hong said.

So why not open the book?

Shen Hong explained that in the past teaching experience, once a complete open-book approach was adopted, some students might bring a stack of books, turning the examination process into a process of looking up information, which is very unfavorable to studentslearning. Others think they cant borrow books, but others can. Such exams are not fair to themselves.

Shen Hong said that it is not the more content you copy, the more data you prepare, the better the results of the exam. What the exam really tests is the studentsattitude towards learning and their ability to understand and apply knowledge in one semester. I hope that students will be able to extract the key contents of their minds and further internalize their knowledge when they organize them. This is Shen Hongs original intention of insisting on letting students copy by pen. Examination is not the purpose of learning, the purpose of learning is to master knowledge, and the purpose of examination is to distinguish, in order to make the students who really study have a sense of acquisition and ensure the fairness of teaching.

Shen Hong has not made any restrictions on the specific content of the transcript. In the interview process, most of the students expressed that their transcripts were the screening and thinking of their knowledge points under the syllabus given by the teacher.

Other colleges and universities also have one page open book

Last year, Zhejiang University of Technology exam allowed to take a page of pamphlet model on fire!

According to media reports at that time, before the final exam, the teacher informed the scope many days in advance, and allowed students to copy calculation formulas and knowledge points in advance on an A4 paper, which could not be copied or pasted, and could be brought into the examination room at the time of the exam. For the one-page open-book test mode of Zhejiang University of Technology, some people think that it is not conducive to studentsmemory of knowledge points and easy to make students lazy; but others support that it is a way to let students master knowledge points.

Formulas are used in many examinations of Engineering specialty, and these formulas, constants and constants can be obtained by inquiry when students need to go to work. Therefore, the focus of school assessment is not studentsmemory of the formulas themselves, but whether students use formulas to solve complex engineering problems. Ability. ZheJiang University of Technology Educational Affairs Department, said the relevant person in charge.

In an interview with reporters, a student who participated in the exam said that the school stipulated that the information brought into the exam room should be limited to one page of A4 paper, which could not be copied or pasted. In order to record as many knowledge points as possible, he copied tens of thousands of words on the paper.

The relevant person in charge of the Academic Affairs Department of Zhejiang University of Technology at that time introduced that since 2003, the school has launched the one page open book examination model. Speaking of the original purpose of setting up one page open book, the person in charge said that it was to encourage students to review and organize knowledge points independently, rather than simply move books. Follow-up schools and colleges will further standardize this work, and promote this assessment model according to the characteristics and objectives of curriculum teaching.

What do you think of this one page open book model?

Source: Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002