Girl Father: Its ridiculous to suspect my ex-wifes idea.

 Girl Father: Its ridiculous to suspect my ex-wifes idea.

(Father of the child)

[Fathers latest response: Its ridiculous to suspect my ex-wife.) Dad Zhang: Why do you divorce your daughter when shes out of touch? Because I didnt think it was that bad. I came from Tianjin at 11:00 on the 6th noon and stopped for 20 hours before I arrived in Hangzhou. It was already early on the 7th morning. My brother-in-law drove me back to my hometown. I rested for a few hours and thought that the relationship could not be recovered. It took only a couple of hours to go through the formalities. I went through the formalities first. Now that my ex-wife knows about it, I dont know if she will come. She still blames me for not having a good child. I think she will come, if not, because she is afraid to face, it should be evasion.

Zhang Dad: I like playing small cards without time to accompany her (ex-wife), she likes to chat online, I dont like it, often quarrel. A lot of things are wrong with me. In July 2015, we often ran away from home. She left home. In October, after a serious quarrel, she left the house completely. Later, I went to her several times, but we did not recover our feelings. Maybe shes too young to understand how it feels to be a mother, and she doesnt know how to be a mother. So when she contacted me recently, I was very happy to think that I could get back together, but I didnt think it was about divorce. On June 30, she talked to me about divorce, when she was in Guangdong, I was in Tianjin, I had some things to deal with, and finally made an appointment to go through the formalities on July 8.

Regarding the questioning of the girls mother by netizens, Zhang Daddy told reporters, I saw all kinds of comments from netizens last night, and even doubted my ex-wifes suspicion of my parents. I think these ideas are ridiculous. So when I returned to my place last night, I contacted my ex-wife and told her that the child was missing. Im not talking for her. I dont think it has anything to do with her (ex-wife). I told the police about that.

The girl was taken away by the tenant and her father returned to Zhejiang to divorce her wife.

The girls father said that his relationship with his mother had gone wrong in 2015. At that time, he was still working in Shaoxing. After the conflict between husband and wife, the mother of the child left home. He had tried several times to find out how to get back together with the mother of the child, but he had not succeeded. In 2016, I heard that the mother of the child went to Guangdong (with relatives in Guangdong), and father Zhang went to Guangdong once to find the mother of the child, but they did not make up. At that time, my money was running out. I heard a friend say that Tianjin had a job. Zhang Dad went to Tianjin, and has been there ever since. The childs mother reappeared, just over a month ago, she took the initiative to add Zhangs fathers micro-letter, and filed for divorce. Zhang Dad, who rushed back to Zhejiang from Tianjin on July 6, met his mother on July 8 and went through the divorce formalities in Chunan.

Family members of missing girls in Hangzhou: tenants ask about family conditions or take dolls to other places

On July 10, the police reported the case of nine-year-old girl lost her couplet in Chunan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The girl has not been found yet. Grandma later recalled that the tenant specifically asked about his family when he rented the house. Grandpa said that the tenant or the child had been brought to foreign trade.