Chinese Internet Friends of Britains Most Incomed Ethnic Groups: Struggling for a Job with Strength

 Chinese Internet Friends of Britains Most Incomed Ethnic Groups: Struggling for a Job with Strength

According to the data, the average hourly salary of Chinese employees working in Britain in 2018 was 15.75 pounds (about 135 yuan), the highest income group in the country, followed by Indians, with an average hourly salary of 13.47 pounds. By contrast, the average hourly salary of native white employees in Britain is 12.03 pounds, while that of African-British employees is 10.92 pounds. According to the standard of 52 working weeks per year and 40 hours per week, the annual income of Chinese employees is nearly 10,000 pounds higher than that of native whites, which can be called the perfect latter.

British labor and employment law expert Rahman said that the strong performance of Chinese employees in the UK employment market is closely related to their educational level. They are already excellent at school. It is natural for them to seek a high starting position after graduation. In fact, many years ago, social surveys in Britain showed that the Chinese community maintained a strong momentum in terms of education, economic and employment status, and physical health, and was regarded as a successful case of integration into British social and economic life by sociologists in the country.

However, the report also points out that there is still a gap between the overall income of British minorities and that of native whites due to the disadvantage of BAME (African, Asian and other minorities) in the British workplace, with Pakistani and Bangladeshi people at the bottom of the list and the average hourly wage of the latter less than 10 pounds. Regionally, London, with the largest minority population in the UK, has a racial income gap of 21.7%, ranking first in the country. Rahman said this fully demonstrates that race and class still constitute barriers to career development in the UK. (Liu Haoran)

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368