Anglo-American relations are awkward: the resignation of the ambassador is an ominous precedent

 Anglo-American relations are awkward: the resignation of the ambassador is an ominous precedent

The current situation has prevented me from fulfilling my duties in accordance with my own wishes. On the 10th, British Ambassador to the United States, Kim Dallock, who called the White House incompetent, announced his resignation in secret diplomatic cables. Before that, Trump said that the United States would no longer contact Dallowock, attacking him as a fool. The debate over Darrocks tenure came to an end, but speculation and analysis of who the leakers were by Western public opinion continued to be heated, and even some conspiracy theory arose in these two days. Britain is investigating whether the initiator of the investigation was ahostile countrysuch as Russia. The British Mirror on the 9th as the title of the article. Russia Today TV commented on the 9th that Russia has now become a scapegoat for the West.

In his resignation letter, Dallowk wrote that for the time being, it was responsible for the government to appoint a new ambassador. According to the Guardian on the 10th, Deputy Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs McDonald said the government had accepted Darrocks resignation. He praised Dallock for his dignity, professionalism and excellence during this period.

The Guardian said that shortly after the news of Durocs resignation was made public, British Prime Minister Teresa May addressed the House of Commons praising him for serving Britain for a lifetime and reiterating that a good government depends on the ability of public officials to provide adequate and frank advice. Colbin, the leader of the Labour Party in Britain, said that Darroks recent experience could no longer be described as unfair and wrong.

Over the past two days, Trump continued to express his dissatisfaction with the ambassador and the Teresa May administration on Twitter. Trump tweeted on Tuesday that Britain has shoved a weird Ambassador like the United States into attacking Dallowock as afooland apretentious fool. Trump called the process of the Teresa May governments de-Europeanization a disaster. Before he launched the offensive, a spokesman for No. 10 Downing Street said Darrock would remain in office.

British Foreign Secretary Hunter responded to Trumps remarks on Twitter 9: You said that the Anglo-American Alliance is the greatest alliance in history, which I agree with. But allies need to respect each other. On the same day, Hunter and former Foreign Secretary Johnson talked about their relationship with the United States in a one-to-one television debate. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said Wednesday that Hunt would do so directly on the question of whether Darrock would remain in office, but Johnson refused to say so, emphasizing only that he had a good relationship with the White House. They are currently competing for the position of British Prime Minister.

Democratic Senator Christopher Coons said on October 10 that part of the reason for the current situation was Trumps Twitter attack on Darrow and the British Prime Minister. He believes that the latest developments have further widened the gap between the United States and Britain. Jim Picard, chief political correspondent of the Financial Times, said on Twitter: Dallowocks resignation is a historic moment, not a good beginning, but an ominous precedent.

The special relationship between Britain and the United States is breaking down. CNN10 took this as its title. The real problem brought about by the clandestine power incident is not the embarrassment, but the real state of US-UK relations. Nowadays, no matter by what scale, special relationship no longer exists.

In the secret radio storm, the most concerned issue is whether Dallowock will leave his job and who is the leaker in the end. The former now has the answer, while the latter still leaves room for much discussion by international public opinion. Previously, Britains de-European forces were the first to be suspected. Over the past two days, many Western media have been playing up the possibility that Russian hackers are the main culprits. The Daily Mail quoted a government source as saying that the leak appeared to be taking place in accordance with Russias script. Who can get the most out of it? Another senior British official told The Sun, There is no doubt that it is a hostile country that wants to create a split Britain.

Asked by the media on the 8th whether it was possible for rival countries such as Russia to leak confidential cables, Hunter said there was no evidence that other countries were involved in the leak. Of course, the situation of foreign or hostile countries is very worrying. Relevant personnel will conduct a comprehensive investigation to find out the reasons. In the view of Russia Today, Hunter denies that Russia is the mastermind, but he is inciting fire.

The water behind the clandestine incident is deep. BBC10 said that Darroks views on the United States were sent by password telegram, not ordinary e-mail reported by many media. Generally speaking, only the confidential communications department of the British government can receive and translate such telegrams. If it is not for internal leaks, then it is possible to be hacked. If the cryptographic telegram of a countrys diplomatic corps is decoded, it may cause incalculable losses, although this has happened repeatedly in the past.

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Luo Chongwei_NB12082