If youre an Arsenal fan, Ill support you watching the illegal chain of piracy live in the Premier League.

 If youre an Arsenal fan, Ill support you watching the illegal chain of piracy live in the Premier League.

Its impossible to give money. Only by watching the platform of piracy can we maintain our football life.

Rest assured, count it out, you cant earn this money.

It costs money to watch the ball? It doesnt exist! Spending money means losing my fan.

Category 2: Shake off the pot to domestic broadcasters

To tell you the truth, how much is the live broadcast? Everyone knows, black? Its not black. Its too black. Its monopoly.

Do not understand those broadcasting platforms, each time they are forced to watch 90 seconds 120 seconds of advertising, so large a base of viewers to see your advertisement for such a long time, fair to say that viewers have seen your 120 seconds of advertising for such a long time has helped you to spread the copyright costs of broadcasting and even make more than enough money, why do you charge?

Category 3: I also contribute to the Premier League by watching the game free of charge.

Category IV: Rising to the National Level

Copyright fee Cixi gave it

Your own country is still illegal, want us to give money?

Judging from the above popular comments, these fans who watch the live broadcast of the English Premier League chain seem to have misunderstandings about the money-absorbing model of the English Premier League broadcasting. According to British media estimates, fans who watch piracy in every game will lose more than 1 million to the Premier League. This loss does not mean that if these fans watch the authentic live broadcast, they will earn more XXX...

That is to say, advertising fees paid by advertisers are calculated according to the number of viewers in legal channels. Because there are a large number of fans watching the piracy, these numbers can not be counted as the number of fans calculated by advertisers, they can pay less sponsorship fees. In other words, advertisers have invested only in advertising campaigns for 3 million fans, but in fact 5 million people have seen them, and Premier League officials have no choice.

Premier League officials are not inferior to the few dollars we paid for watching a live broadcast. What they are inferior to is the loss of advertising revenue caused by the huge difference between the actual number of tournaments and the number of authentic live tournaments.

In other words, we watch the Premier League on illegal live broadcasts. Its not the domestic broadcasters that make domestic fans itch, but the Premier League itself.

But generally speaking, our broadcaster market is not healthy, but to some extent, it is more friendly to fans. Take the UK as an example. Since the rise of BT Sports, it has been sharing the right to broadcast the Premier League with Sky Sports. If you want to watch the Premier League on your own TV, you have to spend at least two money (BT, Sky Sports have the right to broadcast live games are different).

Sky Sports is the most recognized sport by British fans. There is no such broadcaster in China at present.

If you still have the need to watch the Champions League and the UEFA, thats great. Youll give more money to BT Sports.

If you want to see Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga... Then you will have to pay to Al Jazeera, Elevensport, Sportt1 and other channels for a direct broadcast. Because Sky Sports and BT Sports have no intention of copyright of A and La Liga.

Domestic fans do not have this problem. In recent years, the copyright of the Premier League is not exclusive, but you can watch all the games with only one money. Overall, European football copyright in China is relatively concentrated, so you dont have to pay a few money to watch the game - which means, of course, the amount of money you give to a certain family will not be too low.

More importantly, we have at least the right to watch all the Premier League games at home. In Britain, in order to encourage fans to watch football live, all domestic TV stations are prohibited from broadcasting football matches live from 15:00 to 17:00 p.m. on Saturdays (22:00 to 0:00 Beijing time). And thats when the Premier League games are most concentrated every week, and many English fans who watch the piracy have to do so because of this rule.

Fans watching free football in bars

Of course, anyway, its a luxury to let a student party spend 600 RMB + to watch the ball every year. And the students are the main force to watch the ball. Therefore, there will be a large number of live webcasts of stolen chains in China, as well as websites specially providing live links of stolen chains.

To put it another way, even if you must watch illegal live broadcasting (when you were in school, Xiaobian did not watch this kind of piracy less), it seems that there is no need to be complacent or even proud to show off on the Internet. I believe Chinese netizens still know the five words making a fortune in silence.

Relatively speaking, I prefer these two comments:

Even if we charge, Arsenals transfer budget is still that large.

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