Do you know | Whats the secret of fingerprints? Look at your fingerprints and you know youre a fat smoker.

 Do you know | Whats the secret of fingerprints? Look at your fingerprints and you know youre a fat smoker.

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Fingerprints exist to provide rough surfaces for the palms and feet of people, making it easier for people to grasp objects. Fingerprints begin to be generated during the fetal period, and the genes and growth environment of the fetus affect their patterns. Even though identical twins are genetically identical and still grow in the same uterus, subtle differences in their growth process can also make a difference in their fingerprints.

Fingerprints will remain unchanged as long as they grow. Whether they want to be smoothed with a file or corroded with acid, they are in vain. As long as the skin grows again, the fingerprints will reappear, and they are destined to be the same. Sometimes fingerprints can be seen through the second epidermis even if the outer epidermis of the palm is burned.

So fingerprints, like your ID number, are the only ID to prove your identity.

Speaking of fingerprints, you may think that the role of fingerprints in criminal investigation cases is an important evidence against the murderer. Fingerprints have always been CSIs favorite, and they have never stopped in-depth study of fingerprint identification methods. Explore more of its secrets in our lives.

What are these unique twisted lines hiding?

More biochemical information is hidden in a fingerprint. So what about the composition of fingerprints? There are basically three categories: the number of sweat molecules produced by the human body is very different; the number of molecules that enter our bodies and then are discharged; and the number of molecules that pollute us. Studies have shown that the composition of these products varies among people of different ages, sexes and health status. If we can make a full analysis of these components, even if we do not rely on the fingerprint database, we can also grasp various clues about the owner of the fingerprint.

To exaggerate, these molecules are witnesses to all our actions. When it has the right technology, it talks and tells us the details that we havent noticed.

Reading fingerprints and distinguishing male and female

Relevant studies have shown that fingerprints can identify gender. In the past, it has been found that women have higher levels of amino acids than men. On this basis, the researchers designed a biochemical reaction system consisting of two enzymes to detect amino acid content in fingerprints. What is the role of such research? In criminal cases, some criminal suspects who are good at pretending to commit crimes easily confuse the polices vision, but if we can know the sex of the suspect through fingerprints, it will greatly accelerate the speed of solving the case, and play an important role in the case of serial crimes!

Look at your fingerprints and you know youre a fat smoker.

Forensic experts from the United Kingdom proposed a theory in 2006 that smokers secrete cotinine, a metabolite of nicotine, in their sweat. Therefore, forensic experts can detect cotinine in fingerprints to determine whether the owner of fingerprints smokes or not.

In addition to smoking or not, another British forensic scientist suggested that fingerprint secretions could also help police understand ownerseating habits. Experts point out that people who eat canned and junk food often have a higher salt content in their sweat, which is also present in their fingerprints with sweat. If a high salt content is detected from fingerprints, the persons eating habits may be very unhealthy, and his body shape may be inferred...

Molecules are storytellers, so information about your health, your behavior, your lifestyle, your daily life, they are all there and can be obtained through fingerprints. Just touch it lightly and the fingerprint will leave a message about you. In the future, small fingerprints may tell us more stories behind events.

See, do you raise your hand and look at your finger?

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