Divorce, domestic violence, theft, drug abuse! They were left in hell by their parents

 Divorce, domestic violence, theft, drug abuse! They were left in hell by their parents

Six years is neither long nor short, but it is enough to change a persons destiny and make them run in different directions and out of control.


1. Zhe Zhe, fourth grade, male

A year later, his father talked about a new girlfriend. Before long, my father followed his girlfriend back to his hometown and walked for more than a month.

Zhe Zhe was left at home by his father, alone.

Before leaving, Dad left Zhezhe 50 yuan living expenses for his months food and living.

So, I see Zhe Zhe go to school and leave school alone every day. Sometimes I buy a sausage pie from the roadside, sometimes I buy a bowl of fried noodles. Fifty yuan is too expensive to spend. In less than two weeks, the child spent all his living expenses.

Faced with the disdainful eyes of the boss, Zhe Zhezhe turned around, and the loneliness on his face was visible to the naked eye.

It was the second floor of a village in the city. There was a courtyard in front of the building. It was empty because there was no popularity.

On autumn evening, the house was dark.

Only when his small figure jumped into the toilet and opened the switch, did it get a little light.

At that time, he was 11 years old and in the fourth grade of primary school.

2. Jiajia, preschool class, female

According to Zhezhe, the family had never seen a man and did not know what Jiajias father looked like.

They are unaccompanied in this city. Mothers and daughters depend on each other.

Every month a woman goes to a neighboring city to do business. No one knows what it is.

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For half a month, Jiajia cooked rice in the electric cooker at home and then mixed it with garlic chili sauce.

Zhe Zhe said that the meal was not delicious, and they could not find anything else to eat after turning over the boxes and emptying the cabinets. Later, they were reluctant to go.

3. Xiaoyong, fifth grade, male

Xiaoyong came from the rural area of Sichuan Province. His parents divorced. He followed his mother to the northern town.

In addition, Xiaoyong has another task, which is to sell part of the bakery to the schools small shop.

Xiaoyong was 12 years old, and he looked very mature. His academic performance is very good, often ranked in the top three of the class.

Several of our teachers went home together and saw that the door of the ruined yard was closed.

Until now, we have never heard of Xiaoyongs news. Whether he is well or whether he drops out of school is unknown.


Dare not talk about dreams

Xiaoxin has big eyes, but he is one of the few crying ghosts in the class.

Less than 10 years old, he probably saw more blood than I did.

He and his mother sent their relatives to the clinic to dress up in panic, and said good words to their relatives, asking them not to call the police. Then he came back home in the middle of the night and wiped away the blood splashed in the house bit by bit.

His mother eventually found it unbearable to go out to work and leave her children in a trusteeship class for a month.

Occasionally I came back, took the children to eat, and left again.

Later, his mother never came back.

The boy didnt grow wings, but the mother he was trying to save flew away ahead of time.

Finally, the child was taken away by his father.

When Xiao Yi was half a year old, his parents began to travel, often for months. The child is left to grandma or grandma.

Listening to his mother, Xiao Yigang would beg his mother not to leave when he could speak.

When the children were in their second grade, they still held the phonetic version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

I suggest parents change some new books for their children. Its better not to have Pinyin. As a result, the next day Xiaoyi brought a copy of Houhaixue, which he read for nearly three months.

I dont know Xiao Yi, who has a poor literacy level, cant read.

However, I think his parents may not care about it.

Hao Haos academic performance is extremely poor and his behavior is very rude. His parents completely entrust everything related to learning to the trusteeship class.

I remember one time when he played in the football match on behalf of our class, he scored two goals and instantly became a hero worshipped by his classmates.

I later told his mother that her face was blank.

Originally, she didnt know at all.

I only felt heartache at that time.

So glorious moments, perhaps the most glorious moments of his life, he was not as eager to tell his mother as other children.

Or maybe he has no one to say at all.

Hear, he is now in junior high school, has been the last grade, every day passes by, can see him at home in the small Sales Department of mouth-to-mouth game.


A child whose fate has been tampered with by his parents

1. Xiaofan, fourth grade, female

On one occasion, the school organized a general cleaning, but I found that my wallet was missing.

Just then, two students came in and asked carefully before they knew that they saw a child go out of the water house on the first floor. Then they found his wallet in the garbage can of the water house. So they immediately reported it to the teacher.

We found Xiaofan by touching the melon on the vine.

This process is fearful, how she dared to enter a strange office, how she calmly turned out the wallet from the bag, even if there are other teachers in the office, and how she calmly handled the stolen goods, leaving only cash, in the same way as the social thieves, or even no inferior.

Whenever I think of it, I personally see her pull out a bunch of messy hundred-dollar bills from her schoolbag, I feel terrible.

2. Xiaotong, fifth grade, female

In fifth grade, I suddenly heard Xiaotongs mother jumped from a building and died.

It turned out that her mother was a drug addict and the drug addict jumped out of the window.

Since then, Xiaotong has been stagnant, silent and solitary.

She played truant, ran away from home, lived with unemployed men in society, and even rumored that Xiaotong had an abortion.

I cant imagine the awful Xiaotong in the rumor. How could it be that Xiaotong who holds a certificate in the sunshine and salutes me with a smile?

3. Yueyue, third grade, female

When Yueyue was in first grade, because his father insisted on a boy, her mother became pregnant again, but still gave birth to a girl.

Since then, less than 40 square meters of forced room, crowded with a family of four peoples diet living.

Then its homework time, because theres only one desk at home.

But her learning environment is very poor. She often leans beside the crib and writes her homework in a crooked way while coaxing her crying sister.

Other children cant wait to wear their own beautiful clothes every Thursday and Friday, but Yueyue can only wear a school uniform from Monday to Friday.

I often see Yueyues hair is not as beautiful as other girls. Its always in a mess. So I gave her a hairpin.

Yueyue liked it very much and wore it until she transferred to her hometown.

Its hard to imagine what kind of life that child had.

When I wrote these stories, I wished it was all my fiction.

However, the fact is that these angels are left in hell by their biological parents. You can call it barbaric growth, but in fact they are born and died.

Native family, to a large extent, determines the fate of a person. We are used to looking at the chicken soup of lifes reversal, but we ignore the real shadow behind the sunshine.

I can only think with fear: not wealth, but stability, this is the only wealth I can give my children.