Wu Lei: Comparing Messi with me is very troublesome. It will affect self-orientation.

 Wu Lei: Comparing Messi with me is very troublesome. It will affect self-orientation.

On March 30, the 29th round of La Liga league matches Barcelona away from home. To play at the Nou Camp Stadium in the empty lane is really the experience that every player yearns for.

For a long time before the game, the heat and hype surrounding the game were endless. Every day, countless people compared Messi and me. Its certainly exciting for me to play with Messi, but Id rather see it as a normal League and learn from strong opponents.

It wasnt easy to score in the Nou Camp. The coach put out a five-guard formation to defend first. After three rounds of starting, I was back on the bench. In my opinion, the coachs tactics are very correct. Within 70 minutes of Messis free kick, the balance on the court was not broken, and our defense did not leave too many chances for our opponents.

Before the match, the media asked the coach and even my teammates, Does Wu Lei play the same role in the team as Messi of Barcelona? Such a question once confused me very much. I thank you for your increasing attention and understanding of your increasing expectations for me, but I also told myself that I could not be disturbed by various information from outside and positioned myself correctly.

At the same time, I am grateful to the press officers and media staff of the club who work professionally and escort us all the time like the umbrellas of the players. Sometimes, learning how to face the media is also a compulsory course for professional players.

To score this goal should be a more tacit verification of the cooperation between me and my teammates. Although the two matches with Celta and Real Betis were pitifully tied at the last minute, the managers decision still boosted my confidence.

We will continue to work hard in such a strong belief to complete the last few games of the league. This may be the essence of competitive sports: after joy and frustration, hope and disappointment, it is never give up again and again. These four words are precious wealth throughout life.

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