Japans father of the mens league Hidakawas death left behind a idol era

 Japans father of the mens league Hidakawas death left behind a idol era

The Mens League Made by Hido Chuan

Original title: Hitoshikawa, father of the Japanese Mens League, leaving behind an idol era

Global Times - Global Network reported on July 11 that For us, hes the father - Japanese artist Toyama Ji recalls Hitoshikawa so much. The news of the death of the president of Jennis Firm, Hido Kawabata, shocked Japan on the 9th. Many artists under the banner of Jennis, such as Yoshihiko Kondo, Toyo Kimura, Ichiro Yamashita and Lan Members, mourned the president who changed their lives in various ways on the 10th. Japanese artists from other companies also expressed their feelings of remembrance one after another. A large number of Chinese and Korean netizens wrote in the social media, Grandpa Hi has gone all the way!

How much influence does Grandpa Xi have on Asian idols? Without him, there would be no todays Takumura, thats true. Hido Kawabatas original name is Hido Kawabata Expansion. In the 1970s, Jennis Firm was founded. Over the past decades, it has created many Japanese national idol mens groups - SMAP, Kinki Koko, Lan... Among them, Takura Mumura, Hirosawa Xiuming, Yamashita Zhijiu, Ergong and Ye have gained great popularity in China with Japanese opera. More far-reaching is that Hido Chuans artistic energy system has left an indelible symbol of popular culture in Asia.

Entertainment Empire

Hidakawa was born on October 23, 1931, in Los Angeles, California, USA. His father was the abbot of the American Temple of Shinyan Sect of Japanese Buddhism Takayama. There are four children in Xiduochuans family. He ranks third and is the eldest son in the family. Sister Mary is currently the vice director of Jennis Firm. Her daughter, Kenzi Fujima, Hidakawas niece, also serves as the vice director. After the outbreak of the Pacific War, Hidakawa returned to Japan with his family and was sent back to the United States by his father after the war. After graduating from high school, Xiduochuan became theater stage manager and began to yearn for the performing arts. In 1950, a generation of Japanese singer Girl Mikado Skylark went to the United States for a public performance, accompanied by her mentor Kawada Akihiro. Xiduochuan accidentally participated in the event, taking it as an opportunity to form friendship with them. Soon afterwards, Hidakawa decided to return to Japan with his sister Mary, who had just graduated from university, to work together to lay a solid foundation in the performing arts.

In 1962, Hidakawa founded Jennis Firm, which specializes in creating male artistsidols and pioneered the Japanese Mens Group of Idols in Performing Arts. Starting from the 1980s, many mens groups, such as the Red Junior Team, Guang GENJI, Kinki Kiko, SMAP, Lan, KAT-TUN, Guan 8 and V6, have achieved great success. Most of them are still active in the Japanese performing arts. Jennis quickly topped Japans leading star-making throne, creating a huge entertainment empire. Xiduochuan himself was selected in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2011 by virtue of the two records of the people who produced the most concerts in the world and the people who produced the most Championship singles in the world.

Asian impact

The J Mens Group has become popular in Asia, which can not be separated from Janices idol training strategy, the practice student system. The company signed up young boys who were gifted in acting from their teens and classified them as Johnnys junior. This group of unknown children receive strict training in vocal music, dance and performance, and usually dance on the stage of their predecessors in order to accumulate performance experience and popularity. In the end, only a handful of top performers can officially make their debuts.

Jennis is very strict with the management of artists: by 2018, artists are banned from using social networking sites - reducing unnecessary exposure can maximize the protection of artists and avoid human collapse. At the same time, the company takes full advantage of the relationship between idols and fans to develop a fan economy. For example, fans can only read idol diaries and leave messages to idols on company websites for a fee. In addition, Jennis also has a professional fan club operating company, which designs and produces idol peripheral products, from aid supplies to photo stickers. This complete industrial chain can generate huge revenue of hundreds of billion yen every year.

This kind of star-making mode has a far-reaching impact on the entertainment circles of China and South Korea. Nowadays, the well-known industry practices such as Idol Person Setting, Student Practitioner System, Nurturing Model and Multipurpose Development of Film and Television Songs can find the shadow of Jennis. TFBoys in China and Dongfang Shenqi, EXO and Bombproof Youth League in Korea have similar growth experiences with the Janis model: entering the company as a young child, training day after day, participating in competitions, accumulating experience, and publishing video exploratory responses online, and finally making their debut.

Factional struggle

Xiduochuan was unmarried and childless all his life. After his death, the Jennies Firm announced that Vice President and niece Fujima Jingzi would take over the post of President. The rumored successor Koizawa Xiuming (who once starred in the Japanese drama The Conditions of the Devil Woman) would be the president of Jennis Island, mainly engaged in the excavation and training of trainees.

In recent years, there have been rumors about the abdication of Hidakawa, and the Miyako Opera of the heirs has dominated the entertainment news page of Japan for a long time. Nowadays, there are three main factions in Jennis Firm: Hidakawa faction represented by Kinki Kid and V6; Fujima Jingzi faction represented by Lan and Guan 8; and Ijima Sanzhi (former SMAP broker) faction represented by Kis-My-Ft2. It is speculated that SMAP, a 30-year-old heavenly group in the entertainment industry, was forced to disband in 2016 and has a close connection with internal factional struggles.

Nowadays, it is difficult for Jennis Firm to find a cohesive person like Hido Kawabata. Former SMAP members such as Oguro Inogawa, Cao Langgang and Xiangcao Shenwu are determined to leave the Firm. The pillar Lan also announced that it will stop group activities on December 31, 2020. In addition to the mature mens group which was trained early, Janices artists have been in a dilemma in recent years. The industry giant, which once dominated the Japanese performing arts industry, is facing a huge crisis. In the post-Hitachi era, where is Jennis going to become the focus of attention from the outside world?

Mens Troupe and Artists Made by Xiduochuan

1964 Johnnys

Four leaves in 1968

Xiangyumei, 1972

1980 Junyan Tahara and Akihiko Kondo

1982 Persimmon Team

1985 Junior Team

1987 Light GENJI

1991 SMAP

1994 TOKIO

1995 V6

1997 Kinki Boy

Lan in 1999

Wing and Wing in 2002

NEWS 2003

Guan 8, 2004

KAT-TUN 2006

Kis-My-Ft2 2011

SexyZone 2011

A.B.C-Z, 2012

Johnnys WEST, 2014

King & Prince 2018

Source: Global Times - Global Network Responsible Editor: Yu Youjun _NBJS8144