Sun Derong said he was sorry that Luo Zhixiang fans had made false news for him.

 Sun Derong said he was sorry that Luo Zhixiang fans had made false news for him.

Netease Entertainment reported on July 11 that a well-known Taiwanese broker Sun Derong held a meeting of new autobiographical secretaries on December 6. On that day, his brother Luo Zhixiang (piglet) was grieved about the alleged sexual harassment. He believed that piglet owed him an apology. The news was followed up by fermentation. His new book will be published on December 20. Published on his birthday, Sun Derong said that if Piggy still ignored it, he would tell the truth of his grievances in the new book. On the contrary, if Piggy released his goodwill, he would put it down gently.

Sun Derong had brought nearly 100 artists, but he hated piglets the most. He said that in order to cultivate piglets, he had raised them for three years, including eating, drinking, sleeping, and inviting them out to class like an alarm clock every day, because Weiju records were relatively poor at that time, I had to cook for them personally in six days, fearing that they were malnourished. I had to help them wash their clothes every day. There were seven children at that time. Look at the amount of work I had in a day. I also had to go to work to publicize my records.

Later, Piggy became popular, but his apprentices turned their backs. Piggy accused him of sexual harassment and became his devil for 19 years. At first, I didnt receive a dime. His parents asked me to consider him as my son. I accepted it passively. It was funny for him to accuse his father of sexual harassment! Im most sorry for his fans, because hes not so good, he confessed. Sun Derong also revealed that piglet encouraged everyone to leave, Wang Renfu jumped out and scolded him, Everyone can betray Sun Zong, only you cant, because Sun always hurt you too much! Sun Derong was accused of sexual harassment. Wang Renfu, who was still in the army, wanted to testify for Sun, but was persuaded by Sun to withdraw. Wang Renfu broke up with Piggy so far.

Sun Derong admitted that in order to win the red pigs, he had made many false news. Like many public donations, I let the company allocate funds, and then donate them in the name of artists to create the image of artists loving public welfare. In fact, artists did not spend a dime at all. And fans believe that he created a good image, which also makes him feel guilty. I know that my life will come to an end, the next 18 hells will be cut tongue, because too many false news, fans contact the information is false, this is my fault, I sincerely repent, but as a broker, this is my work. All my life, I have sought to survive in this kind of true and false humanity. As for Sun Derongs statement, Piglet Brokerage said it would not respond more.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yu Youjun _NBJS8144