One days event: Wang Zhenhua, the actual controller of New Town Holdings, was approved for arrest

 One days event: Wang Zhenhua, the actual controller of New Town Holdings, was approved for arrest

The Shanghai Index fell 0.44% to 2915.30.

As of the close, the Shanghai Index fell 0.44% to 2915.30; the Shenzhen Composite Index fell 0.35% to 9166.15; and the GEM Index fell 0.48% to 1510.43. Plate: Tourism, Apple Concept, Foxconn and other sectors were among the top performers, while rare metals, agriculture, automobiles, artificial meat and other sectors were among the top performers.

The intermediate price of RMB against US dollar was 6.8856, down 3 points, 6.8853 in the last trading day.

The central bank did not carry out the reverse repurchase operation, suspending the reverse repurchase operation for the 13th consecutive working day, because 20 billion yuan of reverse repurchase expired today, realizing a net repurchase of 20 billion yuan.

CPI grew by 2.7% in June, PPI was flat and pork prices rose by 21.1% year-on-year.

In June, pork prices rose 21.1% year-on-year, an increase of 2.9 percentage points over the previous month, affecting CPI by about 0.45 percentage points; pork prices rose 3.6% annually, affecting CPI by about 0.09 percentage points. Fresh vegetable prices rose by 4.2%, down 9.1 percentage points from last month, affecting CPI rise by about 0.10 percentage points.

China Banking Association Report: There is greater uncertainty in the joint loan model of private banks

According to the China Auto Association, passenger car sales in June were 1.73 million, down 7.8% from the same period last year; Chinas automobile sales in June were 2.06 million, down 9.6% from the same period last year. Sales of new energy vehicles increased by 80% in June and 49.6% in January-June.

P2P Platform Mijin announced its withdrawal

Today, Mijin, a P2P platform focusing on Internet automobile financial services, released a message on its official website that since July 9, 2019, Mijin has completely stopped the operation of online lending business and started a benign liquidation. According to its official website data, the platform has a total turnover of 4.585 billion yuan.

This morning, the responsible person of Beijing Judicial Bureau responded to the recent social heated discussion on waste classification, and is speeding up the study and amendment to promote related work. The person in charge said that the Beijing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the amendment of domestic waste legislation. The next step will be to speed up research and promote this work in accordance with the new requirements of the central government on domestic waste management and with the support of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress.

According to many people familiar with the situation, in some areas, the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau convened a meeting of trust companies in its jurisdiction to further request the real estate trust financing: 1. Requiring the trust company to report its real estate trust business in advance, the supervisory department will examine and verify it one by one; 2. Accepting only those who meet the 43-2 conditions and whose transaction structure is a loan model. Business report; 3. For the real estate trust business reported before being returned due to compliance reasons, the responsibility of compliance review will be seriously investigated.

Establishment of Contact Mechanism between Exchange Preparations and Audit Institutions to Deal with New Issues of Science Creative Board

Korea demanded that Japan withdraw its export control measures in WTO

At the meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Goods Trade Council, South Korea asked Japan to withdraw the measures to strengthen the export control of semiconductor materials against South Korea. South Korea warned that Japans export control measures would disrupt the global value chain of electronic products and bring negative impacts to global and Japanese enterprises.

The Chairman of Hengfeng Bank called on the Chairman of CCB to reach a consensus on cooperation with other banks.

Recently, Nie Chenxi, Director-General of the State Administration of Radio and Television, went to the Teleplay Department of the State Administration of Radio, Television and Television to conduct a research on the theme of never forget your first heart and remember your mission. Nie Chen-xi stressed that we should closely follow the main line of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, comprehensively dispatch guidance, timely and dynamic adjustment, and ensure the launch of a number of high-quality products. Aiming at the problems of waterflooding dramas, palace fighting dramas, remake dramas and high salaries of actors, the bottleneck crux has been deeply excavated and high pressure has been maintained all the time.

The Interest Rate of the First Railway Debt in 2019

Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Water Resources Issue Measures for the Management of Water Resources Development Funds

Deputy Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission: To study and formulate the strategy of broadband China in the new era

The 2019 (18th) China Internet Congress, sponsored by the China Internet Association, opened at the Beijing National Convention Center on September 9. For the future development of Chinas Internet, Ren Zhiwu, Deputy Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission, proposed to further promote the Internet + action to meet the needs of industrial integration and upgrading, and to introduce Internet + policy measures of high quality development, release the Internet + innovation efficiency, and enhance the innovation ability of the Internet. To meet the needs of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, we should deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, create an ecological environment that encourages innovation and development and includes prudent supervision.

Shandong: Opening the Restrictions on Settlement of Established Towns and Small and Medium-sized Cities in an All-round Way

Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom: Rejecting Huawei will only miss great opportunities for Britain

Reporting New Town Holding Lawyer: Reporting Letter has been transferred to Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau, which has feedback

Everybody Insurance Group is listed tonight. Xu Jinghui is going to be the general manager.

Sang Ziguo, assistant president of China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd., was examined and investigated. According to the information from the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Group of the Central Discipline Commission in the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Beijing Disciplinary Commission, Sang Ziguo, assistant president of China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd., is suspected of serious violation of discipline and law, and is currently undergoing disciplinary review and investigation. Monitoring and investigation.

Central Bank Credit Inquiry Center: Showing 61 transactions between Chengxing and Noah is not a credit inquiry system.

New Town Holdings: Actual Controller Wang Zhenhua has been approved for arrest

Li Keqiang chaired the executive meeting of the State Council. The meeting pointed out that reducing the social security premium rate is an important measure to lighten the burden of enterprises and stimulate the vitality of market players. At present, Chinas social security funds are running smoothly and can ensure full payment on time.

Zhangzidao announcement, the company received the SFC administrative penalties and market ban notice in advance. Among them, due to the suspected financial fraud in Swertia Island, there are major defects in internal control; the companys disclosure of the announcement on the results of sampling shrimp scallops planted at the end of autumn 2017 suspected of false records; suspected of not timely disclosure of information and other reasons, the SFC intends to give warnings and fines to the company and impose lifelong market imprisonment on Wu Hougang. Entry measures.

The General Office of the State Council issues the Reform Plan for the Division of Financial Power and Expenditure Responsibility between Central and Local Governments in the Field of Transportation

Today, Geng Shuang, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presided over a regular press conference. A reporter asked: President Kudrow of the White House National Economic Commission said that the talks between China and the United States had just been good and stressed that it was important for China to keep purchasing American agricultural products during the negotiations. Will China continue to increase its purchases of American agricultural products? Geng Shuang said: If I remember correctly, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce of China responded to your question about Chinas purchasing of American agricultural products last week. Agricultural trade is an important issue that China and the United States need to discuss. It requires both sides to find solutions on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

Mayor Ying Yong is the Chairman of the Leading Group for Promoting the Construction of Shanghai International Trade Center

Guizhou Provincial Government: Recommend Li Jingren as General Manager of Maotai Winery