Irans President met with senior French officials and stressed that the Iranian nuclear agreement should be fully implemented.

 Irans President met with senior French officials and stressed that the Iranian nuclear agreement should be fully implemented.

According to the official Iranian news agency, Ruhani said in his talks with senior French officials that Iran is open to foreign talks and that Iran hopes that all parties concerned will fully implement the Iranian nuclear agreement. He said all parties concerned should fully implement their commitments in the Iranian nuclear agreement, and Iran will take measures to fulfil its obligations if all parties concerned fulfil their obligations.

Boehner sent a written message to Rouhani from French President Mauron, who thanked him for his diplomatic efforts. Earlier this month, Makron spoke to Ruhani by telephone to discuss Irans nuclear issue.

Agence France-Presse and other media reports said that Bona arrived in Tehran on the morning of the 10th. He has a compact schedule and has held talks with the Secretary of Irans Supreme National Security Council, Shamhani, and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, respectively.

According to the analysis of French public opinion, Bonas visit sought to cool the tension and save the Iranian nuclear agreement. French Foreign Minister Ledrion said earlier that the purpose of Bonas trip was to open up dialogue space and avoid escalation of the situation.

Irans Foreign Ministry spokesman Mousavi also issued a statement on the 10th, saying that Iran still respects the Iranian nuclear agreement, but Iran must safeguard its own rights and interests. He also criticized the anti-Iraq policy of the United States.

On Irans measures to increase enriched uranium production, Mousavi said the measures would be reversible as long as Iran believed that the efforts made by the parties concerned met the needs of the Iraqi side.

Irans government announced Wednesday that it has broken the 3.67% enriched uranium production limit of the Iranian nuclear agreement. In the comprehensive agreement on Irans nuclear issue reached between Iran and the six countries on Irans nuclear issue (the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China) in 2015, the restriction on the abundance of Iranian uranium enrichment activities is the core clause of the agreement.

The United States announced its unilateral withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement in May last year and subsequently restarted a series of sanctions against Iran. US President Trump threatened to tighten sanctions on Iran on the 10th.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Youyuan Garden_NO4712