People who learn to subtract from life are not tired to live! By doing these five things, you will be more relaxed.

 People who learn to subtract from life are not tired to live! By doing these five things, you will be more relaxed.

For example: There are too many clothes in your wardrobe, which seems to be full of one cabinet of clothes, but there are few clothes you like to wear. At this time, it will bring you selective distress. When the dazzling clothes appear in front of you, you will inevitably not know how to choose, and then when you wear what clothes, you will not be able to do it late. Decision will take up too much of their own time, and in the end they feel very frustrated.

Moreover, there are too many clothes, over time, because they are too lazy to tidy up, resulting in clothes piled up there, and give themselves too much time in finding clothes, affecting their mood of the day.

Like this phenomenon, I think many people have experienced it?

Clothes are thrown away and reluctant to wear, but they will not be often worn. It is better to donate them and make room for them, which not only solves the reluctant mood, because you have done public welfare, but also improves your speed and efficiency in choosing what clothes to wear. Why not?

Have you worked out this account?

In addition to too many clothes in the wardrobe, which need to be dealt with, it is the same in our room. If too much stuff is put here and put there, it will not only occupy the space of your room, but also bring you a narrow sense of disgust and inner depression.

Make more space, you feel comfortable and bright, this is the meaning of breaking away!

Give up what you dont want and keep what you often use to bring more good mood to your life.

In these people, we see the following five characteristics, which is also their way of thinking to live comfortably! It is also a kind of disconnected concept of life that subtracts from life.

1. Learn to reject others! Dare to refuse!

Dont readily agree to others unless you have a very good relationship and can do it, you can help appropriately.

Similarly, its a bit overwhelming. I will also be very tired and embarrassed!

Why do you bring so much pain to yourself? But a polite refusal can make things easier for you, but youre not! We have to make ourselves suffer!

The man who drills the bulls horn is just torturing himself.

A lot of things have to be done, so it will only make you more tired.

Pain is your own, no one can replace it! Selfishness is a kind of protection for oneself!

4. Dont care about others, mindful of other peoples affairs, dont focus on other peoples words, repeatedly associate with other peoples intentions. In fact, its just an unintentional remark casually uttered by others, but you may have committed the speaker is unintentional, the listener is intentional state of mind. That would only bring a nameless rage to oneself! ____________

Better persuade yourself, dont mind! Less trouble, less trouble, more trouble, often bring more trouble, or even disaster to oneself! _____________ Take a step back and there will be a bigger world in front of you!

5. Honesty and attitude are the foundation of self-reliance.

And attitude, can save everything, good attitude, let the people who do not understand you, immediately understand and forgive you, make your trouble less and less.

To do things, first of all, we should adhere to the two principles of honesty and attitude, so as to spur your life, then you will get the support and understanding of others, and then your troubles will be far away from you.

Think about it. Who would hurt a person with a good attitude?

Author: Aqiu, National Second-level Psychological Counselor, Rehabilitator of Severe Depression, Emotional Psychological Writer, author of the book 100 Questions and Answers for Rehabilitation of Depression, a psychic bedside book for assisting the treatment of depression.