Was the 20,000 yuan morning class a waste of money?

 Was the 20,000 yuan morning class a waste of money?

Children are learning hegemony

For most Chinese families, early education is not cheap. Different cities and different brands of early education institutions, each class is generally between 200 yuan and 400 yuan. Although the state has stipulated in 2017 that educational institutions should not charge more than three months in advance, parents usually pay between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan at one time to buy various sets of meals.

Many parents spend money, not for any specific purpose, more like being dominated by the loss aversion mentality, believing that children are idle and waste time if they do not go to early school. As one parent said:

Unfortunately, parents worry too much. Parents dont know that our children are always learning efficiently, but what they learn is in the blind area of adults.

One example is language learning. Lets take English-speaking children as an example. From about 18 months, children are learning at an amazing speed. One-year-olds can only understand about 50 words, while three-year-olds can soar to 1,000 words, and five-year-olds can explosively exceed 10,000 words [1].

On July 5, 2019, in Rugao, Jiangsu Province, children assembled garbage collection machines in summer vacation interest classes. Robot courses and childrens programming are very popular nowadays.

Another thing that parents ignore and underestimate is learning common sense. The so-called common sense here is the most basic knowledge about the world shared by people.u2014u2014

What is particularly easy to be overlooked is common sense about human mind and behavior.

Imagine this scenario. You sit in the living room and play games. Roommate A comes home and puts the Bento in the microwave oven to heat and enter the room. Roommate B comes out and sees the Bento in the microwave oven and puts it in the refrigerator. When A comes out, will he go to the refrigerator or find the Bento in the microwave oven?

For adults, this is simple common sense. However, many 4-year-olds do not have such common sense, they will think that A will go to the refrigerator for convenience. It is not until about five years old that children can answer this common sense (there are individual differences in the specific age of completion) [6].

On May 5, 2018, in Xian, some children painted their own pictures for the murdered boy, and some children sent their favorite small train toys. In childhood, children can gradually understand the common sense of death.

Children, they are born to be bullies.

This plan does exist. In 1970, the University of North Carolina launched a follow-up survey of early childhood education, which recruited 111 infants. After randomized grouping, half of the children participated in early childhood education institutions, while the other half grew up in a near-original state.

At first glance, early education seems to really let children win at the starting line, but is that really the case?

July 11, 2018, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. A child is a little reluctant to participate in the activities, Xinxin and other parents and children work together to invite them to participate. Early education, maybe the children are not ready

Looking closely at the plan, we can see that the children of poor families are selected, and the IQ of mothers is lower than the average level. To some extent, the advantages of early education only complement the disadvantages of poor family education. Whats more, the so-called advantages are only compared with those of children from families with poor, single and low IQ mothers.

On the one hand, in order to let parents see that the children are really making progress, the institutions that teach painting, dancing and singing inevitably adopt the teaching mode like primary and secondary schools.

Professor Laura Schulz of MIT and his team did an experiment. They designed a special toy, which consists of four tubes of different colors, each of which can trigger different organs, equivalent to four kinds of play. They try to examine childrens responses to different teaching models.

Children taking part in Professor Schulzs experiment are exploring toys, and those who explore freely tend to find more ways to play.

The second is interruption mode. After the experimenter tells the children a way of playing, he will say to himself, I think something happens. Im going to walk for a while. Keep toys for children to play with.

The fourth is the benchmark model, and the experimenter just said, Wow, have you seen this toy? Put it on the table and go away.

The girl was holding purple and green camera toys. More and more puzzle toys are on the market / unsplash

Coincidentally, Alison Gopnik, a developmental psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, designed a similar experiment. They also designed a toy with multiple organs. If the right organs were triggered in the right order, the toy would emit music.

When the researchers showed their children how to play, whether right or wrong, they triggered three organs at a time, but in fact, the last two played a role. If researchers behave like teachers, children will almost always use three steps to trigger music in a step-by-step manner.

Can Early Education Class Reverse Childrens Character

In addition to singing, dancing, drawing, reciting poems and recognizing the national flag, EQ early teaching has attracted parentsattention.

On the windows of a commercial building, there are various training advertisements, which can be called one-stop service. There are even advertisements for new counseling classes of cultivating EQ and developing brains.

For parents who want to solve recent problems, it is important not to overestimate the seriousness of the problem. What you see may just be a natural part of childrens psychological development.

Of course, there are many parents who believe that 3 years old see the old, 4 years old for life, so I hope to take this time to lay the foundation for childrens future success and take the lead in shaping the personality of successful people. Can EQ help parents realize this wish?

In China, more and more parents want their children to be more outgoing. However, extroversion in personality belongs to the personality trait which is greatly influenced by heredity (about 60%). Many parents feel that they can not eat because they are not extroverted enough. If they find that their children are introverted and have to exercise, it may not be a good idea [7] [3].

Parents may think that we can transform the remaining part of our inheritance. Not to mention that the idea itself is problematic, but contrary to common sense, it is generally accepted by many psychologists that parental rearing style actually has little influence on childrens personality, and that many of the similarities between parents and children are derived from inheritance rather than from the way parents educate them [1] 0].

So since parentseducation methods are useless, will early education EQ training classes be helpful?

On November 27, 2010, primary school students in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, wore Han clothes to recite Three-character Sutra and Disciples Regulation, not so much for their children, but to satisfy their parentsdisplay desire.

However, the reality is that according to the insiders, the so-called professional EQ trainers only need to train for a week to go to work, and most early education institutions are feeling the stones across the river, how to teach, what should be taught, they are also exploring [11].

In such a reality, do you really expect tens of thousands of EQ training classes to change or even reverse childrens personality?

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