The person who loves himself with high posture will never lose to love

 The person who loves himself with high posture will never lose to love

When the girl had a fever and asked the man to take cold medicine, the man said, Theres a meeting tonight. Buy it yourself.

Later, the girl broke up with the man and drove him out of his house.

See here can not help but feel dark, because the girls love can be selfless, but must not be easily trampled on.

Only when a woman spoils herself can she welcome love with equal respect.

Love is too full for others, not happiness, but burden.

When the moon is full, it loses, but when the water is full, it overflows. Too full of love, it becomes hurt, hurt their original positive heart, but also wear off each others love.

Nevertheless, he still missed the past, dreamed of it and longed for the unique love of the emperor, thus losing his dignity and himself.

When she woke up, she confessed:

In the end, after being caught for rebellion, she complained to the emperor with deep resentment.

Tao has done his hearts sour and helpless.

The two women who are deeply in love have different but similar outcomes.

He was too busy working overtime to date me.

He tried to save money to buy a house and get married, so he didnt want to spend money on me.

I have seen a play called The Queens Character.

Wu Shanni is a musical actress, a standard silly sweet; she lost her mother in childhood, gambled her father, was heavily in debt, but still optimistic and strong.

Then the pie fell from the sky and hit her. Not only did Li Heh come to the scene to see her performance, but she also became a queen in a confused way.

After the big marriage, Li He had gone off the rails many times and had an affair with the Secretary in front of Shanny.

Several times, he sent people to kill Shanny and straighten up her lover.

He was selfish and deliberately created a scandal about her derailed bodyguard in order to abolish Shannys back seat.

In order to keep this feeling, Shanny pretended not to know that the other party was derailed, and was more willing to show affection to the other party in front of the reporters.

Later, the frustrated Sunny chose to divorce after all.

Li Heh began to try to step into Shannys world. He learned to drink cheap coffee that Shanny had drunk. He would hug her after she was shocked by her nightmares. He would be jealous when Shanny talked to the guard.

And Wu Shanni has really achieved: Yesterday you ignored my love, today I let you climb high.

In her book Love Yourself, Nina, a German writer, writes:

Love yourself like jewels, live your own value, life is naturally sunny, you want to naturally take the initiative to send home.

Life is not easy, everything is difficult to complete.

Zhu Yin and Zhou Xingchi have been married for more than three years because of a movie Journey to the West with Big Talk. Apart from Zhou Xingchis movies, this love has never seen light.

She turned resolutely and smartly.

Because Zhu Yin knows how to love herself, she strives to be the queen of her own world, so she can become the princess of others.

Only when a woman knows how to love herself can someone love you.

When you are good enough, you will naturally attract equally good or even better people...

Live your own queen, you can control your own life.