How can his circle of friends never send you pictures?

 How can his circle of friends never send you pictures?

It is said that love will make people sick more and more. What is the difference between people who have been in love for one week and those who have been in love for four years?

Come to the Love Diagnosis Room and ask.

Xiaofang, a patient who has been in love for 4 years, came to consult him. The following is his illness in love.

Early symptoms of love:

Before going to bed at night, my girlfriend sent Xiao Fang some pictures. He picked out a screen saver and saved the rest in an album.

The next day, I purposely searched good words and good sentences on the Internet, deleted and altered more than a dozen times before I sent them out.

And what she really wants you to send out is her photos, so that you dont have to worry about being coveted.

Mid-term symptoms of love:

Neglect the sense of ritual

Girls like to test their loved ones with small tests, which is their unique way of spoiling.

After one years training, Xiao Fang has become very skilled in Xiu En Ai. Pictures, filters and words were chosen, but her girlfriend was still unhappy.

Treatment: Record specific dates, especially love anniversary, wedding anniversary and first travel anniversary.

Boys are always too rational and think those days are just symbols.

In order to make her happy, you have to memorize a few more numbers and say a few more good words.

Late symptoms of love:

Misunderstanding the trust of the other party

After three years of love, each other has a lot more casual.

One day in winter, my girlfriend was wrapped in bloated pajamas, with greasy hair that she could not wash, and huddled on the sofa to play games.

Unexpectedly, my girlfriend hid in the room and cried when she saw it.

Xiao Fang coaxed for a long time before she blushed her eyes and said, Ive been trying to keep my beautiful appearance outside. How can you send out my ugly appearance easily?

Therapeutic plan: Dont send ugly photos of people close to you in the circle of friends.

But that doesnt mean shes willing to let everyone see that shes not perfect enough.

End-of-love symptoms:

Cant distinguish humor from ridicule

When I first fell in love, my girlfriend hinted slightly that Xiaofang would execute it immediately, and when writing the text, she was more serious than when writing in junior high school.

Xiao Fang understood what she meant, but felt it was more funny to send chat records directly.

Soon after it was sent out, more than a dozen replies were received.

Only then did Xiao Fang feel that he had gone too far.

Treatment: Dont laugh at her funny things.

But you should know that she is still the thin-skinned girl.

Girls in love always expect their boyfriends circles of friends to be for themselves, not to show off, but to regard it as a kind of recognition, a small sense of ritual.

Boys tend to become more despised and treat her and her own casualties as casualties with everyone. So the original sweet friendship circle show love has always evolved into a quarrel between couples.

What she wants is a reassurance rather than a humiliation.

Maybe you are not accustomed to love, but the way of love can slowly run in. Just swear never to lose respect for her.

If you already have someone you want to protect, dont just watch.

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