To be considerate of others is the highest accomplishment.

 To be considerate of others is the highest accomplishment.

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Caigen Tan said:

No blame for minor offences, no privacy, no thought of old evils, the three can uphold morality, but also far-reaching harm.


Dont easily blame others for their minor mistakes, dont casually expose the privacy of otherslives, and dont be bothered by others past mistakes. These three principles can not only cultivate ones moral character, but also avoid unexpected disasters.

I think so.

Throughout life, those who can be generous to others have a heart of understanding.


Be tolerant of people

Wu Chengen, a novelist of the Ming Dynasty, said, When it comes to convenience, its convenient to travel, and its easy to live with people.

Those who are considerate of others are those who have a deep enough understanding of the complexity of the world and have a peaceful heart. Dont treat people with harsh eyes.

There is a story about Premier Zhou on the Internet.

The barber stood there trembling and bewildered, but to his surprise, Premier Zhou not only blamed him, but also kindly said to him:

Its not your fault. I didnt say hello to you before I coughed. How did you know I was going to move?

Hairdressers were very touched and people praised Premier Zhou for his tolerance and understanding.

Such tolerance, such warmth, can sometimes be transformed into wisdom.

When Tao Xingzhi was headmaster, one day he saw a boy smashing his classmates with bricks. He stopped the boy and asked him to look for him in the principals office.

The boy was very surprised, Tao Xingzhi explained to him:

The third piece of candy is to reward you for being honest and kind. I have investigated that you hit those boys with your head because they bullied girls.

There is a kind of person, because they have traveled the road of society, so they are not surprised everywhere; because they have experienced the hardships of life, it is not easy to understand everyone.

They are strong spiritually. They can be everywhere from time to time. They are not easy to blame and criticize. They only have a broad mind to understand the shortcomings of others.

More Understanding of Things

French thinker Roman Roland said: We should observe carefully, in order to understand; we should strive to understand, in order to act.

In everyday life, everyone will encounter difficulties.

It may be that young people who work far away from home are unable to take care of their elderly and infirm parents when they go out.

Perhaps parents who are inexperienced in childrens education are on pins and needles in the face of their childrens reciprocal scores.

In 1962, Binbin, the eldest son of Liu Baiyu, was admitted to the hospital for heart disease, but the effect was not good. He had to return from Shanghai to Beijing.

At this time, Liu Baiyu himself was ill and hospitalized. He could only let his wife take his son home with her. For a while, he was upset because of worry.

Liu Baiyu held Ba Jins hand tightly and thanked him again and again. Ba Jin said lightly, Nothing. Im just free. I just want to sit with you.

Born to be human, when we can understand the difficulties of other peoples livelihood, lack of experience, lack of energy, it is a great understanding.


Multipoint Communication for Divergence

About the world, about others, about everything, we have formed our own evaluation system after school education and social polishing.

Yangchun Baixue is elegant enough, but some people do not like it, only love the Lower Riba people;

Opinions differ, practices differ, and there is no need to be harsh. It is enough to seek common ground and reserve minor differences. If we can communicate more, it is a kind of wisdom.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, liked reading very much from his childhood. After losing the list, he went to his fathers friends and borrowed a hundred and two dollars to buy books.

When my father knew the truth, he did not blame him. He said calmly, Its good to buy books. You dont have to worry about money. We used to pay it back slowly, but since you bought the book, you must finish it.

In this short sentence, Zeng Guofan was shocked, but at the same time, he was relieved and worked harder ever since.

Imagine that if his father was annoyed by Zeng Guofans ignorance and blocked the dialogue window, then Zeng Guofan, who had always had a knot in mind, felt only his parentsharsh mind and narrow pattern.

I have a similar story around me.

But her parents havent seen her for more than half a year. They miss her very much. So when they learned about their childrens travel plans, their mother was very angry.

Fortunately, Dad is calm. He said, Although parents are here, they dont travel far, but since you want to go out and increase your knowledge, go ahead and pay attention to safety. If you dont have enough money, call us.

After hearing this, the girl was very moved by her fathers enlightenment and understanding, so with her scholarship, she booked two tickets for her parents and took them with her to experience foreign culture.


Being considerate of others is a kind of advanced accomplishment.

Some people say that all misunderstandings in the world come from misunderstanding, all contradictions come from non-communication, and all misses come from distrust.

Therefore, empathy and empathy is an invaluable quality and the best way to approach the soul of others.

Then, we have the cultivation of understanding others.

In Fu Leis Family Book, it is said that righteousness should not be vigorous, and righteousness should be forgiven.

He will not peep into the surface and magnify the small mistakes and faults infinitely, and then embarrass, criticize and harsh others.

He will only trust you, forgive you, understand you, and understand your difficulties.

Such a person, with rich connotation, lofty realm, warm eyes and warm hearts, is a wise person.


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