Glorious Battle Dream Journey to the West Hand Tour in the Midsummer PK Carnival Season

 Glorious Battle Dream Journey to the West Hand Tour in the Midsummer PK Carnival Season

With the approaching deadline of June 29, the 11th X9 Tour Tour of Dream Journey to the West will officially kick off the stage of sea trials on July 1. This will also mean that this summer PK carnival season has entered a new stage.

The top X9 team from the major servers will compete for the championship glory of the elite, brave and prestigious teams through the two stages of sea election, group competition and elimination competition. On August 9, six teams from three major groups will compete offline in the final. In these teams, can the first player to unlock the Enlightened Animal Dyeing Scheme be born? Lets witness the answer.

Unlike the X9 league, which is about to enter the stage of sea trials, the National PK Competition is still in the registration stage. The deadline for the registration of the National PK Competition is July 13. During the registration period, players can directly transmit to the active server, set up attributes, search for comrades, and form teams with them to fight with other teams. On July 15, all teams will officially kick off the integral phase. After going through the integral and elimination competitions, the final 15 top teams will join hands with the 2008 city hero PK autumn champions to enter the national final stage of the national PK competition. From August 10 to August 11, we will launch an impact on the glory of the National Championship and the Million RMB Grand Prize.

In this tournament, Dream Journey to the West hands-on tours provide players with a base bonus pool of 1 million RMB. In the follow-up activities, players can add bonuses to the total bonus pool by helping Baibao Pavilion level in midsummer. The total bonus pool will accumulate up to 2 million RMB! I believe that such a generous award will certainly enable the participating teams to devote all their efforts to the best level of competition!

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