Surgery continues at half the price increase! These hospitals are designated as black and evil forces.

 Surgery continues at half the price increase! These hospitals are designated as black and evil forces.

Recently, Yinchuan police in Ningxia issued a circular to solicit criminal clues from the public in a private hospital. It is worth noting that there are 35 suspects involved in the case, and many of the main members, including the former and current president of the hospital and the director of operation, are from Putian, Fujian Province.

This case is by no means an isolated case. Just before that, on April 25, Shenzhen Longgang police broke down a medical fraud criminal gang whose main suspect was also Putian people in Fujian Province. Last month, the Gansu Linxia Public Security Bureau publicly solicited clues about illegal and criminal activities in six local private hospitals, including five corporate representatives from Putian, Fujian Province.

In response, Wei Ziliang, an expert on health care reform, told the Daily Economic News (nbdnews) that in the past, the punishment for inducing and forcing patients to receive treatment by medical institutions was relatively light, mainly fines, but not enough deterrence. Now it will play a very big deterrent role in regulating the behavior of medical institutions after it is classified as black and evil forces.

Half of the foreskin is cut, and the doctor has to raise the price.

The final result is that Mr. Yao dragged the wound downstairs under local anesthesia to pay 12,000 yuan, and borrowed 3,300 yuan to pay the fee after the operation.

In view of this case, the final result is that the hospital compensates the patients 41450 yuan at one time.

In August 2018, Xiamen police received a handover clue from Xiamen Market Supervision Bureau, saying that a private hospital staff in Huli District forced patients to increase surgical items and was suspected of extortion.

The survey found that after the patients medical treatment, the hospital staff induced the patient to perform minor operations such as redundant prepuce, and forced the patient to increase the operation items and costs by threats and soft violence during the operation on the grounds of discovering new conditions. The case was identified as Xiamens first vicious group in the medical field.

Police briefings show that many doctors in the hospitals involved do not have professional qualifications, and some doctors do not even have professional qualifications. According to the introduction of the police, through the operation claimed to find other diseases forced patients to increase surgical items, a few hundred yuan of surgery, often to increase the price to 5,000 yuan, or even more than 10,000 yuan.

Complaints from Pu-type hospitals expose disaster-stricken areas

The cases reported by Xiamen Public Security Bureau are by no means individual cases.

On May 14, 2019, Shenzhen also held a press conference. At the conference, it was introduced that after Longhua District solved the first forced transaction case of Putian Medical Institutions in the city, the whole city organized special rectification of illegal and criminal acts such as medical fraud, and investigated and dealt with Huiai Clinic, Huaguang Door Clinic, Zhenai Ai Gynecological Clinic and Baobao according to law. Six malicious medical cases involving Ji Clinic, Tong Geng Clinic, Pengshen Clinic and Shanshui Medical Investment Company were reported. A total of 106 people were detained and 56 arrested.

On June 8, 2019, the Public Security Bureau of Linxia City of Gansu issued the Notice on Open Collection of Illegal and Criminal Clues from Six Hospitals, such as Linxia Union and Humanity, and Urging the Personnel involved to surrender themselves. It showed that the Public Security Bureau of Linxia City had recently detected Linxia Union and 100 million yuan, Humanity Hospital, Modern Gynecological Hospital, Huashan Hospital and New Sunshine Male. Six hospitals, such as department hospital and Tongji hospital, are suspected of committing crimes.

It is noteworthy that five of the six hospitals are legal representatives from Putian City, Fujian Province.

Reporters from the Daily Economic News (Nbdnews) noted that in recent years, there have been many cases of online complaints about hospitals forcing patients to receive treatment. Baidu searched for hospital surgery requiring a price increase, and the results were nearly 600,000. For example, in March this year, some netizens exploded that an abortion operation was performed in a hospital in Nanchang, and they encountered temporary additional items in the operation. The price negotiated before the operation was 3749 yuan, and the final cost was about 14000 yuan.

The End of the Age of Illegal and Low Cost in Medical Institutions

The storm of attacking induced consumption and overdiagnosis has come.

In March 2019, the State Health and Health Commission, the Central Network Information Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Administration of Market Supervision, the State Medical Insurance Bureau, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the State Administration of Pharmaceutical Supervision jointly issued the Action Plan for the Special Treatment of Medical Disorder, which lasted from March 2019 to February 2020.

The document calls for resolutely investigating and dealing with non-standard charges, arbitrary charges, induced consumption and excessive diagnosis and treatment. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the charging behavior of medical institutions, investigate and deal with the split operation or inspection items according to law, fail to publicize the prices of drugs, medical materials and medical services according to the requirements, fail to charge according to the items and valuation. Serious violations such as violation of routine diagnosis and treatment, induction of medical treatment and over-treatment, especially intraoperative price increases, are included in the scoring and credit system management of malpractice in medical institutions, and publicized to the public.

Wei Ziliang believes that medical institutionsdiagnosis and treatment behavior involves personal life safety. Some institutions increase prices and items in the course of patients operation, which is worse than the nature of buy and sell and must be severely cracked down. They should also be positioned as black evil forces. ?

In the past, the punishment (for inducing and forcing patients to accept treatment) was relatively light, did not rise to its due height, the cost of causing crimes was relatively low, and there were many cases that were not reported and exposed. Wei Ziliang said that through the strengthening of the national crackdown, it will play a positive role in guiding the supervision of medical institutions, especially private medical institutions, to operate in accordance with the law, and also play a great deterrent effect on illegal medical institutions. ?

Source: Daily Economic News Author: Liable Editor of Li Biao: Wang Xiaowu_NF