Four Reasons for Modern Peoples Rejection to Marriage

 Four Reasons for Modern Peoples Rejection to Marriage

Hearing what she said, I suddenly thought of a friend who said recently: More and more women dont want to get married, but men are still thinking about marrying a free nanny.

In fact, this is the status quo of many women, fear of marriage, do not want to marry, fear that they encounter the wrong people, bury their lives. Because now women are already independent, financially independent, spiritually independent, no longer need to rely on men, let alone a marriage.

I believe that every unmarried person has his own reasons. I dont think they are wrong. Instead, I think that their sober thinking about life is worth learning.

1. My life is so good that I dont want to change it.

Qian Xiaoxiao may be the representative of modern marriage-phobia. She doesnt want to get married, and even fears getting married. She told me that she could fall in love, but could not accept marriage. If the other party proposed marriage, she would break up.

I believe many people will say that people like Qian Xiaoxiao are selfish, but I understand their fears. Modern society is under great pressure and fast rhythm. Girls like Qian Xiaoxiao who work extensively and profoundly in the north are usually working overtime till 9 oclock every day. Under the pressure of 1996, they have to allocate time to do housework and entertain the other halfs family. They really think that is a terrible thing.

And ah, this generation is never willing to wronged themselves, earning money is to enjoy, it is impossible for anyone to live a life of withholding.

But this kind of life will be broken with marriage. You cant do whatever you want to do as you did when you were alone. Instead, you should consider saving money, buying a house, raising children, foster parents and so on.

Marriage, once entered, must reduce the quality of life. For them, the burden is too heavy. It is a luxury.

The time spent alone is so precious that its really unacceptable to waste it. Therefore, many young people dont put marriage on their lifes plan list at all.

I asked Qian Xiaoxiao if she was happy on such a day. She said that of course she was happy, because when she was single, she was always happy.

2. I really dont want to meet the right person.

These questions left me speechless. Indeed, for our generation, if you really love someone, you can do anything for that person, but if you dont love, you really dont want to make a change.

We can no longer live with a loveless person for fear of age or secular vision, as we did in previous generations. What we want is a spiritual fit, a three-point agreement, a match in all aspects.

I know its hard, but its also our principle and bottom line. Without enough chips, no young man in modern times is willing to put all his eggs in one basket.

My cousin Lin Ling is going to be forty years old, but she has never been married. She spoke of her parentsmarriage, full of sadness and fear.

She looked at her bruised mother countless times and vowed secretly that she would never find such a man in her life.

My cousins mother was also a typical representative of that generation of women. She had a bad life but did not divorce. She just cried to her cousin after being beaten and said, Mother is not divorced for you.

How many people are like cousins, living in such a native family since childhood, can not see a little warmth of marriage, and then fear of marriage.

For example, we have a sister who was a luxury princess before marriage. She is unambiguous about herself, but after marriage, her salary has increased and her quality of life has decreased. Because two people have to repay their mortgages, car loans, and buy gifts for their parents on New Years Day.

After the girl got married, she seldom bought new clothes, and the grade of skin care products declined again. In this way, they live a tight life, and often quarrel about money, a perfect interpretation of the phrase poor couples are sorry for everything.

Having seen these misfortunes, the unmarried girlsdesire for marriage is really getting lower and lower. They are afraid that they will meet the wrong people. They are afraid that their good life will change dramatically because of marriage. They are afraid that they will no longer have freedom and fear losing themselves.

Marriage, a besieged city, used to be thought of by those who went in and those who came out wanted to go in, but now more and more people are standing at the gate and looking, unwilling to enter again.

In fact, I think this is a good thing, because marriage is not really a process that you have to go through in life, but you feel you need to have it, you feel you dont need to touch it.