Wife, does your family despise me? Ill never go again. All right.

 Wife, does your family despise me? Ill never go again. All right.

There will be a lot of disagreement and trouble, if not handled properly, it will also affect the relationship and feelings between husband and wife.

If you are biased or not so tolerant, you may feel uncomfortable, disgusted or rebellious because of the parentsbehavior, and then vent your anger on your partner.

Later, the children were almost two years old and had not yet returned to their grandparentshome. On a vacation, the man suggested taking the children back to see their grandparents, and also wanted to see where Phil grew up.

This is for Phils sake, and she can no longer shirk it. Three of them left for Phils hometown.

Phils home is in a small town. His parents make a small business in the town. They make a lot of money every month, and they build a good house.

Husband Phil also blamed her, saying that I always thought your family was too poor, so you didnt let me come and looked poor. Phil laughed bitterly and did not speak much.

Phil said, Our baby cant eat these two dishes. Lets go and fry a tomato and egg! Where can I eat so much, the baby is so small, just mix some vegetable soup in the meal, said Philadelphias mother unhappy.

Phil didnt listen and got up to cook. Phils mother kept her face dark and said, What do you mean? Do you think theres too little stir-fried food? I eat one dish with your dad every day, fried one in the morning, and cant finish it in the evening!

The next few meals, still like this, Philadelphias mother stir-fried a fresh dish every meal, if there is leftover in the last meal, bring it out, if not, a dish.

Although the mother is such a habit, but Phil went out to work at a very young age, not the mothers living habits, so usually eat with her husband, at least fried two or three dishes, and a lot.

My husband is also accustomed to this, at this time when I see the entertainment of Philadelphias mother, it is really a little uncomfortable.

Privately asked Phil: Your parents do not look down on me, look down on my son-in-law, just treat me like this? Its on purpose. If its on purpose, Ill never come to your house again.

Phil has repeatedly explained that her mothers saving habits, men do not believe that now there is no such a person to save money, let alone that he is the first time to come home.

Because of this, did not stay for two days, the man proposed to go home, Phils parents did not leave them, this meeting, a little unhappy. When they returned, they often argued about it.

The couples problems are caused by different family environments and ways of life. Fortunately, although they have disputes and disputes, they have not yet risen to more complex contradictions.

The woman is also aware of her familys problems and has always avoided meeting, but it is not a long-term solution. In such a case, the woman was able to explain and confess the embarrassing situation, but the man was half-convinced and half-doubtful.

If you are more considerate and tolerant, you should also be more considerate of the position of the woman. Growing up in such a family environment, she herself is the one who is affected and injured.

For example, I must be embarrassed to take my classmates and friends home to play when I was young. When my boyfriend grew up, she dared not take it back. She herself would be under pressure.

In short, when confronted with such embarrassing problems caused by parents of both sides, they should understand each other more and think about each others position, so as to avoid exporting hurts or conflicts.