No friends! Bell married Real Madrid and nobody was there, not even his father-in-law.

 No friends! Bell married Real Madrid and nobody was there, not even his father-in-law.

According to Spanish media, Bells wedding was very low-key, with only about 60 guests invited and high security and specifications. Only close relatives and friends were invited, and staff and photographers signed very strict confidentiality agreements until the news of Bells wedding broke out half a month later. The whole wedding ceremony and celebration lasted three or four days from June 20 to June 23. Bell tried his best to create a big party atmosphere for the guests and invited a band from Britain to cheer them up.

Although it has been six years since he joined the Galaxy Warship, Bell seems to have a poor popularity at Real Madrid. On the one hand, because of his high salary and low salary, many players can be emotionally conflicted with it. On the other hand, his personality is not an exquisite type, coupled with language barriers, he and his teammates have no deep friendship except on the court. Bell has been at Real Madrid for six years, and he still communicates with his teammates in English and Spanish, which is a difficult point for him to get close to his teammates.

Real Madrid players were not the only ones excluded. Emma was married, and even her grandparents, John and Eva, and even her father, Martin, did not attend the ceremony. Grandparents were very angry when they talked about it. The absence of Bells father-in-law, whose father-in-law, Jones, was tried and imprisoned in the United States for fraud a few years ago, may be justified. Afterwards, when Emmas father-in-law was present in her family activities, Bell was absent directly. From Bells point of view, she seemed to be very disgusted with her father-in-law and hoped to draw a clear line between them.

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