Mother yells at her child and her husband kicks her out of the spleen: The best education is for the whole family to listen to her.

 Mother yells at her child and her husband kicks her out of the spleen: The best education is for the whole family to listen to her.

The culprit is my mother, and my grandmother is an accomplice.

My mother dotes on her children. My little nephew is just in the first grade. Its a tough time.

Say how tired the children are when they get home. They have a days lesson. Eat some fruit, watch TV and write homework evening.

This delay, many times do not write.

The old man was also righteous and vigorous and said:

What are the important lessons in Grade One?

Thats how easy it is in your first grade, or did you go to college?

I really need to talk about it.

A few days ago, I also saw a news, which was quite shocked.

Because of the childrens homework problems, the father sent his mother to the hospital.

It can be seen that the differences in education are not only in my family, but also a common problem.

Why do you have to listen to your mother?

In fact, more accurately, the person who takes the most children, is responsible for the children, has the concept of scientific parenting, and is willing to learn constantly, can become the highest officer of parenting at home.

Most of the old people dote on their children. They cant help but accommodate them and make them happy. They even try to ease their children, instead of being responsible for them.

For example, many mothers, who control their childrens chocolate consumption, are afraid that their children are too fat and rotten teeth, which is responsible for their children.

You say its annoying?

Good habits are not easy to cultivate, so irresponsible and easy to break, not only let the child inch, but also undermine the authority of the mother, and the relationship between the child and the mother.

If the old man looks after the children most, can not spoil, is responsible for the children, and has the ability to learn scientific parenting, then listening to the old man is of course the best.

But the ideal is very full, the reality is very skeletal, such old people are not common ah.

Not to mention, in the current Chinese society, the situation that father takes more dolls than mother is very rare.

If the father in the news is not responsible, he will know how to play with his cell phone when he comes home. No matter the children study, his wife will take care of it, but she will not take care of it properly.

In my opinion, he is not qualified to speak.

You know, a mother faces a bear child every day, grinding her lips 10,000 times and breaking down her emotions 1,000 times before she educates a good habit.

At this time, family members singing the opposite tune, once the previous efforts were discarded.

One morning, my neighbor fought with his children for a long time, and I couldnt sleep at all because of crying and howling.

The child just doesnt wear it and says, Grandpa dresses me, but you dont dress me. Why are you so bad?

Mother said, Before Grandpa comes, youll wear it yourself. Youll have to do what you can.

Child: No, I want you to wear it.

Mom: Grandpa is not here, you want to find Grandpa also have to see you off, today you have to wear your own.

Mom: Dad wont dress you. You have to do your own thing.

Child: Look, I cant wear it. I just cant wear it.

Dad: Why dont you dress him up and go?

Child: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, dress me!

At this time, if there is a different situation in the adult world, the child will be confused.

Therefore, parents must educate their children on the united front and never disagree in front of them.

No matter how right you feel about your educational methods, you cant disagree with your children.

There is no parenting method.

More important than family harmony

So there is a second way.

The right way to raise children is not worth destroying family harmony.

We teach children to be relaxed and not to use the idea of creating perfect children to educate.

In fact, a little compromise and agreement seem to have a slower effect, or even a temporary deviation, but as long as family harmony is worthwhile.

Moreover, when the family environment implements an educational standard on principles.

Occasionally a little bit different, but also do not have to rush to kill.

What should I do?

Since the birth of his little nephew, his sister has neglected to discipline his little nephew, and he has had many problems.

For example, snacks before meals lead to a lack of food.

If you dont brush your teeth before going to bed, they will be broken in a few months.

I teach my sister a few methods, the results are good, you can refer to.

1. Let husband play a role

The elder sister listed the principled issues to her brother-in-law, so that he could communicate with his parents.

The effect is good. If you kiss your son, the old man is still willing to listen.

Whose parents do it.

Therefore, in the communication between husband and wife, it is very important for the husband to give him strength.

2. inadvertently give popular science to the elderly

For the elderly, experts often speak more correctly than those around them.

Some popular science articles with serious consequences can also be forwarded frequently.

For example, to tie sleeves with leather bands, resulting in amputation of childrens limbs.

Old people love their children.

3. Strengthen your authority in your childs mind

Because Mom really never compromised.

No matter what kind of treatment the children are given to grandparents.

As long as you go home, you must obey the rules at home.

Strengthen their role, do their best, try to teach children well.


Father considers his mothers family

Only the happiest

Although I have explained this problem above, in order to prevent people from forgetting and being sprayed.

Let me say one more thing:

If there is another person in the role, listen to that person.

No one can make mistakes, and the more they do, the more they make.

Education is to find the best solution in trial and error, not to make no mistakes, and the hardest people should not be blamed.

Dont listen to your mother, understand everything to your mother, you can make your own shotgun.

Only when father considers his mothers family, can he be happiest.