Shock Animal Wave CG Exposure Hunting Soul Awakening Plus Edition Cold Wave Today

 Shock Animal Wave CG Exposure Hunting Soul Awakening Plus Edition Cold Wave Today

The first crystalline weapon Spirit Blade officially appeared! Spiritual blade will be used to break the special crystalline state of the mutant beast in this tides. Players can switch between primary and crystalline weapons at any time during combat. When switching to the spiritual blade, the spiritual blade will be suspended at the side of the body and rotate around the circle. The smart blade of this appearance, has three attack forms of close, medium and long range, and also has unique defensive skills.

All-in-one Beast Trend Defense Campaign kicks off in the S1 season

In the decisive stage, the dominant beast of the cold wave, the Euphorbia Dragon, is about to enter the arena, bringing unprecedented hunting challenges to the Rangers.

With the approaching of the cold wave, the giant beasts on the continent of Elantra have undergone a strange mutation. The connection between giant beasts is becoming closer and closer. In some combat environments, giant beasts will summon their subordinate beasts to fight against the Rangers. At the same time, it is not only against two giant beasts at the same time, but also new crystalline limbs that the Rangers will face. The process of limb amputation has changed. After the weakness of the crystalline part is destroyed, the crystalline state will appear to protect itself. Only by breaking the crystalline state can the limb be amputated.

The first charge of any amount can also obtain annihilation series of weapons, the purchase of recruit mobilization gift packs can be a set of sailors, powerful equipment to help you fight in the mainland of Elantra!

Awakening of Hunting Soul Plus version of Cold Wave officially launched today! The exclusive luxury gift pack will be available from July 11 when you log on to your new clothes. At the same time, pay attention to official Wechat public numbers (Wechat Search for Soul Hunting Awakening or wy_lhjx), Netease God (Netease Soul Hunting Awakening), official Weibo, official posting bar, participate in official activities, have the opportunity to get gift bags, surroundings. You are welcome to join the Rangers of Soul Hunting Awakening. Players can search AppStore and App Store for Soul Hunting Awakening to download the game. They can also download the game on the official website (