Cannavaro confirmed that Elksons replacement of Browning had an evasion clause.

 Cannavaro confirmed that Elksons replacement of Browning had an evasion clause.

Cannavaro said Elksons coming home was a very important thing for the team, and all the players were happy about it, so the atmosphere in the team is very good. Elkson is a player I admire very much and Im really happy that he can come back to our big family. The Club finally brought a centre forward to Cannavaro, and the Italians thanked Evergrande for bringing such a striker to the team. I read the same thing as everybody. I heard that Elkson will soon get a Chinese passport, so my task now is to help Elkson get back to the peak of the year when he was the best shooter in the shortest time.

Elkson has arrived in Tianjin with his team, which means that he has completed his registration. Cannavaro confirmed that. There is no doubt that Elkson can already play for the team, but whether he will start or not depends on the specific situation. And it is Browning who makes room for Elkson. Cannavaro said that the team is still playing in the Asian Championship, so he left three offensive players in the front and one Asian foreign aid in the back. This choice is relatively reasonable. Browning can only temporarily sacrifice his position.

Hengda will play against Hong Kong in the FA Cup on July 24. Some journalists hope to confirm whether Elkson can fight against the Golden Age. Cannavaro also gave a clear answer, that is, there are evasive clauses for Elksons return, so this season, whether in the cup or in the league, should not go against it.

Finally, Cannavaro said that even with Elkson now, it does not mean that Teda can win easily. He warned all players that Teda is a very strong team, not only with very strong foreign aid, but also with experienced coaches, so there can be no feeling of lightening the enemy.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Responsible Editor of Cheng Jin Dynasty: Zhang Zenong_NS5732