Why do mosquitoes spoil you? Please stop giving out Charm

 Why do mosquitoes spoil you? Please stop giving out Charm

Sweat is one of the signals of mosquito foraging, so people with more sweat are more likely to be favored by mosquitoes. This is because sweat contains lactic acid, amino acids and ammonia compounds, which are easy to attract the attention of mosquitoes. In addition, there is a heater in the antennae of mosquitoes, which is sensitive to temperature, and the human surface with more sweat dissipates heat quickly, so it is more attractive to mosquitoes.

Scientists have found that a tentacle on mosquitoes can actually feel the concentration of carbon dioxide 50 meters away. Therefore, the more carbon dioxide is produced, the more mosquitoes are attracted. It can also be said that the faster the metabolism of mosquitoes, generally speaking, like children, larger size, pregnant women, people with large vital capacity are more likely to attract mosquitoes like oh.

The body has more irritating gases

2. These five kinds of talents are the true love of mosquitoes.

Because most cosmetics contain stearic acid, which mosquitoes like very much.

Most of these people have cosmetics left over, so mosquitoes like them better.

Pregnant woman

After exercise or physical work, people breathe faster and exhale more carbon dioxide.

Mosquitoes are sensitive to carbon dioxide gas, which forms a moist, warm air flow about 1 meter above their heads, and smells.

People in dark clothes

If you wear dark clothes, mosquitoes will chase away in the dark.

Similarly, its easier to attract mosquitoes if youre darker and darker.

3. Teach you five correct ways to prevent mosquitoes

Mosquito incense, insecticides, although can kill mosquitoes, but if used continuously for too long, it will also endanger human health.

4. Keep your body fresh

Take a bath as soon as possible after exercising or sweating. Otherwise, the sweat odor on your body can easily attract mosquitoes.

5. Wear light colored clothes

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua: Geng Yiwen_NJ6040