When choosing an object, we should not only see how good the other party is, but also have more important criteria.

 When choosing an object, we should not only see how good the other party is, but also have more important criteria.

Not excluding the good things they say, these excellences are true. But what kind of requirements does that person have for you?

If he is not good to you and doesnt like you, whats the use of him if he is good and excellent?

If you can understand this, and not humble in front of those excellent people, there will be less trouble.

Unfortunately, some people, like the people, is the kind of very good, see each other where good.

Or try desperately to be with each other, but find that they are not happy, not happy, the other partys good, as if it is no use.

Therefore, in addition to looking at each others personality and ability, we should also remember some truth, not to put ourselves in an embarrassing and difficult situation.

First of all, if the object has money, it is a strong point, but if he is reluctant to give you the money, then the money is his, it has nothing to do with you, then you may see him this point, it may not be useful.

Together, they will be very frustrated. If they want to take advantage of this, they will also hope to fail. If he loves you, even if he has only one dollar, he will give you nine cents, or all of them.

Secondly, the object is a very talented person, a very talented person, then it is really rare. But if its just a use you show off to others, its no use.

Moreover, if he can speak with exquisite tact and interesting humor, he is indeed a good object of communication.

He may be in the outside world, but also because of such advantages are not lack of people like.

In addition, if his family is very good, you may think that it will be very prestigious and dignified to be with him.

Or if he does not love you enough, he may not respect you very much, he does not respect you, and his family will naturally not treat you more attentively.

In a word, it belongs to a person no matter how good his condition is or how excellent he is.

He didnt give it to you, he didnt take you to teach you how to grow up, he didnt love you, he loved you and he was good to you, so these priorities are not worth mentioning.

On the other hand, even if a person is ordinary at the moment, he will share some good things with you, that is precious.