The chairman of the board of directors who molested a 9-year-old girl was arrested: you think an acquaintance might be a devil

 The chairman of the board of directors who molested a 9-year-old girl was arrested: you think an acquaintance might be a devil

However, it is no longer known how many child molestation incidents occurred in July.

On July 5, two young people were captured in Xiongzhen, Yunnan Province. They were drunk by a 14-year-old junior high school girl and gang raped in barbershops and hotels respectively.

It is reported that he sexually assaulted dozens of teenage girls for a long time and offered underage sex trade to powerful people.

At the beginning of July, in just a few days, more than ten incidents of sexual assault were exposed.

According to WHO data, nearly one billion minors aged 2 to 17 have been sexually assaulted worldwide.

In China, the situation is not optimistic.

Because most victims dont choose to call the police or even tell the bad story.

73% of the minor victims chose to remain silent for at least one year and 45% for five years.

Minors are the most vulnerable group to sexual abuse.

According to the data of the Girls Protection Fund of the Childrens Culture and Art Foundation:

27.44% of juvenile sexual assault cases were committed by strangers.

Acquaintances commit crimes, which can be divided into external society and internal family.

External society refers to the campus, including schools and all kinds of supplementary classes, nurseries and so on.

According to a special report by the Chicago Tribune in 2018, Betrayal, a survey shows that:

The data on sexual abuse within the family are even more shocking.

According to HuffPost data:

More than 23% of sexual assaults occur between 12 and 17 years of age.

However, peace of mind and danger are proportional.

Because, acquaintances can contact children anytime and anywhere, once the acquaintance has an unhealthy heart, then the child is basically unable to escape.

Moreover, acquaintances are authoritative.

Second, we can intimidate our children and shut them up by threatening them.

Children will think that adults naturally believe what adults say, and acquaintances are fully familiar with his family situation, if they say something sexually assaulted, it may lead to disaster.

Many victims, although they have recovered their lives, will live and die in the future.

The manifestations of sequelae are diverse.

First, it is impossible to establish intimate relationships.

Knowingly, an anonymous netizen tells us about the life-long impact of sexual assault on her.

Growing up, the netizen has great hostility towards every man.

She firmly believes that every man wants to rape her.

Secondly, after being violated, the victim produces abnormal sexual concepts.

Montenegro is also a victim of sexual assault.

At the age of 18, she was drugged in a bar and gang raped by at least six strangers.

Montenegro was a devout Christian, but sexual assault completely changed her three views.

Finally, she became a stripper for everyone to sleep on.

Third, some victims suffer from life-long personality splitting.

In response to her fathers abuse, she split up another girl named symphony. She fantasized that symphony was the victim, not her.

However, his fathers atrocities have intensified, and symphony has gradually been unable to cope with them.

As a result, Jenny began to split up into more personalities.

Two are not enough, four are not enough, eight are not enough...

Chester Bennington, the lead singer in Lincoln Park, is one of them.

Chester was sexually assaulted by an adult man between the ages of 7 and 13.

Fifthly, there is a more terrible fact that many well-known rapists and murderers have been sexually assaulted at an early age.

Juan, the notorious Mexican machete killer, is a walking case.

Juan was abused and sexually assaulted by farmers as a child.

When he grew up, Juan took the opportunity to kill the farmer with a machete and bury his body in the wilderness.

Once a victim, but on the road of the victim.

At this point, I would like to emphasize a few important preventive measures.

Correct sex education is not only for children, but also for adults.

A person with a correct concept of sex can ensure that he treats sex as healthy.

Adults who talk about sexual discoloration cannot be nurtured to know how to protect their children.

Native families, as the first school for children, have inescapable responsibilities.

Adults are childrens safety umbrellas.

However, data from the United States show that more than one third of adults choose not to believe that the incident is real when they receive a childs help.

Invisibly, in the childs already scarred heart, and then severely repair a knife.

In sexual assault, acquaintances account for the highest proportion of perpetrators.

As a special role, acquaintances have great advantages for children.

Stand firm by him and tell him, You are right and dont need shame.

Then, do your best to protect.

Perhaps, the road ahead is very difficult, but for the sake of children, we must firmly go on.

Child, its a piece of snow-white paper.

But after the tragedy, knowing how to deal with and remedy it is the only thing we can do for our children.