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According to several Western media reports, the U.S. Department of Commerce will allow some U.S. companies to continue to do business with Huawei, a Chinese company, to sell products to the company. The news was also confirmed by the official website of the U.S. Department of Commerce. But U.S. Commerce Secretary Ross also stressed that Huawei is still on the blacklist of the U.S. Department of Commerce. [Link to the original

Liu Qiangdongs case was heard in the United States on September 11. Six charges were brought against the woman.

A user with the certification information of Doctor of Professional Law of the University of Minnesota Wang Ruian posted a dynamic online statement that the civil case of Liu Jingyao v. Liu Qiangdong will be heard on September 11. In the indictment, the woman made six charges, including intentional injury and assault; illegal restriction of freedom (in a luxury car); sexual assault and assault (in an apartment); joint liability for intentional injury and assault (in a luxury car); joint liability for illegal restriction of freedom (in a luxury car); joint liability for sexual assault and assault (in an apartment). Internal). [Link to the original

Musk is too demanding? Tesla Autopilot Team Quits Many People

According to foreign media reports, sources said that after Elon Musk expressed dissatisfaction with the progress of developing fully automatic driving, several key engineering managers devoted to developing the semi-automatic driving function of Autopilot left their jobs. People familiar with the situation also said that several team members told Musk that it was not possible to achieve full automatic driving on time, which made Musk very unhappy. [Link to the original

Virgin Galaxy will become the worlds first privately listed manned space company

Virgin Galaxy will merge with the acquisition investment company Social Capital-Herdosofia, which plans to invest about $800 million in Virgin Galaxy and acquire a maximum of 49% of the company, according to a news release on the official website on September 9, local time. As part of the investment agreement, Virgin Galaxy will be listed in the second half of this year. [Link to the original

34 billion dollars! IBM completes the acquisition of Red Hat and seeks to contribute to cloud computing business

IBM, the US technology giant, announced that its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat was officially completed. This is also a major move IBM is seeking to make to the cloud computing business. After the successful acquisition, Red Hat will become a unit of IBMs hybrid cloud division. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst will join IBMs executive team and report directly to IBM Cognanii Rometty. [Link to the original

Zhou Xiaochuans Talk about Libra Currency: Be Prepared to Make RMB a Strong Currency

Zhou Xiaochuan, president of the China Finance Association and former governor of the Central Bank, pointed out that the emergence of Libra had put forward an idea that had an impact on traditional cross-border businesses and payment systems. In the future, there may be a stronger currency with more internationalization. It may have a convertibility relationship with the main sovereign currencies, and even become the major circulating currencies in the world. [Link to the original

MacBook Air and Starter MacBook Pro upgrade, starting at 8899 yuan

On Tuesday, local time, Apple announced an upgrade to its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks, which not only added many new features, but also decided to offer discounts to students. MacBook Air is designed to support daily tasks. In the latest promotional campaign, Apple lowered its price to 8,899 yuan (student discount price of 8,099 yuan). [Link to the original

Marriott Leaks 383 million Customer Information, UK: A Fine of 124 million US Dollars

According to foreign media reports, Marriott Group, an internationally renowned hotel chain, may be fined up to $124 million by British regulators for data leakage last year. In November 2018, Marriott revealed that hackers had invaded Starwoods customer reservation database since 2014. The company initially said that hackers had stolen information from about 500 million hotel guests. After a more comprehensive survey, Marriott later revised the total number of customers who leaked information to 383 million. [Link to the original

China Mobiles first 5G terminal evaluation: antenna performance and endurance need to be improved close to commercial conditions

On July 10, China Mobile released its 2009 Intelligent Hardware Quality Report. In this report, the industrys first 5G terminal evaluation was published. The evaluation products cover three 5G chips, six 5G mobile phones and three 5GCPEs. Tests show that the user experience of 5G mobile phone and CPE terminal is close to commercial conditions, but the antenna performance and overall endurance still need to be improved. [Link to the original

Apple may introduce another mobile screen supplier besides Samsung: Beijing Oriental

Apple had previously promised to buy a specific number of mobile screens from Samsung. But disappointing sales of the iPhone mean that Apple simply cant implement the agreement. To that end, Apple paid Samsung the compensation in the second quarter of this year. Today, it is reported that Apple will introduce a new OLED screen supplier for the next generation of iPhone products, which comes from BOE in China. [Link to the original