Shanghai continues to clear up irregular online car-dating groups and take tickets for 3 consecutive days

 Shanghai continues to clear up irregular online car-dating groups and take tickets for 3 consecutive days

Wang Huangwen, an intern of Peng Mei journalist He Ying-hao

Mei Tuan and Drop in Shanghai and then take the ticket.

On July 10, Shanghai Traffic Law Enforcement Department carried out household law enforcement inspections on several online car-appointment platform companies. On the spot, the law enforcement department randomly checked the real-time orders of the online car booking platform, and at the same time checked the progress of the platform to promote compliance. To rectify the inadequate platform, the law enforcement department issued a ticket on the spot.

In the company, law enforcement officers randomly selected 15 orders and found no irregular vehicles. The head of the company said that since June 14, the platform has cleared 28,000 non-conforming vehicles, and the platform has completed the clearance of non-conforming vehicles.

Among the 15 orders sampled on the spot by American Regiment Taxi Company, there are still 5 orders for non-conforming vehicles. Law enforcement officers filed and prosecuted cases on the spot according to law, and this has been a three-day ticket received by the delegation platform. The US Mission said that since June 14, 31,000 irregular vehicles have been cleared from the platform and are still being cleaned up.

The law enforcement officers issued a ticket for the American Regiment taxi. The pictures in this article are all pictures of He Yinghao, a journalist from Peng Mei.

In the afternoon of the same day, in the drip trip Shanghai Branch, law enforcement officers randomly selected 15 orders, after inquiry and comparison, there are still 11 orders for vehicles without operational qualification, law enforcement officers also filed a case for investigation according to law. The Shanghai branch also received tickets for three consecutive days. Droplet said that since June 14, the platform has cleared more than 20,000 irregular vehicles.

Law enforcement officers issue tickets for dripping trips.

Peng Mei News ( reporter learned from the law enforcement team of Shanghai Traffic Commission that the work of full compliance of online car booking is still ongoing in the whole city. Traffic law enforcement authorities require the online car booking platform to completely clear the stock of vehicles that are not in conformity with the regulations. At present, most platforms have already sent the list of clearance and withdrawal to the law enforcement authorities, after statistics. Later, the law enforcement department gave this part of the list to other platforms that were not completely cleaned up, and asked the platform to compare these lists into the system. Once there were overlaps, the business must be stopped immediately. It was firmly forbidden to allow illegal vehicles to be cleared from one platform, and then to continue operation or registration on another platform.

At the scene of the day, the head of the company said that more than 9000 vehicles in the above-mentioned roster had been cleared, and the remaining vehicles in the roster would be cleared as soon as possible. Droplet side said that by July 12, other platforms have been cleared of non-compliance vehicles will be synchronized clearance.

On the day of inspection, the traffic law enforcement department also stressed that at present, when new network vehicles are added, the network platform should be strictly controlled from the source. Platforms often require registered owners to fill in vehicle numbers and other information online, while the law enforcement departments double certificate system (Internet Reservation Taxi Drivers License and Internet Reservation Taxi Transport License) has already opened the ports to the network reservation platform. Enterprises in the pre-checkpoint, through the double certificate system comparison, once. If a vehicle is found to be non-conforming, it is no longer necessary to inform the main line to check it out.

Recently, dripping up prices in Beijing has aroused concern. Aiming at whether Shanghai will also increase prices, dripping up Shanghai Branch responded that dripping up prices will not arbitrarily increase prices, and price fluctuations are still affected by supply-demand relations. With the rapid growth of travel demand and the persistent shortage of supply and capacity in cities, the price will rise; when the supply and demand balance, arbitrary price increases will reduce passengerstaxi demand and directly affect the income of drivers and platforms.

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