Eighteen-year-old Boys in Palace: The most selfish parents are those who pass tragedies on to the next generation

 Eighteen-year-old Boys in Palace: The most selfish parents are those who pass tragedies on to the next generation

According to the doctors involved in the rescue, they transfused 3,000 ml of blood, made four sutures, and butted 18 blood vessels before reluctantly repairing them.

The boys aunt told reporters that his nephew made such a move because he had been bullied by his classmates during high school military training, and was photographed naked, spitting, and his spirit was stimulated.

Because of the poverty of their families, they are unable to standardize treatment for their children. They can only maintain their mental state at home by drugs and stay in hospital only when they are seriously ill intermittently.

This self-service may be caused by sudden mental state.

Campus bullying, mental disorders... I think such words are painful enough.

They depend on three mu of thin field, planting some rice and vegetables, and their per capita income is less than 100 yuan per month.

Such a family is obviously incapable of sheltering its children from the wind and rain, because it is already in the wind and rain.


I know that if you condemn a boys parents, you shouldnt have a baby in a hurry. It looks very cold-blooded.

The father of the child has a meagre income and a mother in her eighties.

Maternal condition is poor, anemia, renal insufficiency.

Are they really not thinking about their childrens future? Can they be happy?

They really dont worry. When the children grow up, maybe they cant find a desk at home to put down their homework books.

Such a simple question, as long as you think about it a little, is not difficult to consider.

But they didnt. They said, Its fun.


The most terrible thing in the world is to be a parent without having to take an exam.

The popular movie Whats Home recently was called the most tearful movie.

There was a little boy named Zane, who grew up in a slum and watched his parents give birth to one child after another, but could not afford to let them go to school.

Girls are even more miserable, not only to set up stalls to help their mothers take care of their children, but also as long as they wait for their holidays, they will be immediately married out for a little dowry.

Zane was afraid that her sister would be married and tried to hide her exceptions.

Angry Zane ran away from home and came back to learn that his sister had died miserably, while his mother was pregnant with a new child.

Im going to sue my parents because they gave birth to me, he said in court.

Whats more sad is that its not just a movie, but a story adapted from real events.

He was just twelve years old, and had seen enough of his homeless life, so he used his eyes to interpret that despair.

I once read a news report.

A mans physical condition is not good, no ability to work, the family is very poor, has been unable to marry.

Later, the family opened up and helped him marry a mentally handicapped woman. She passed on the family line and gave birth to a girl.

The girl is really sensible and hard working.

She cooked by herself at the age of 7 and took care of her parents.

When other children were still enjoying their childhood, she faced endless work and learned to grow vegetables every day.

Her birth was a blessing for her parents, and for the girl, it was undoubtedly the beginning of her misery.

To put it more maliciously, the child is almost a free nanny for her father, a guarantee of the end of the old age.

Daughters take care of parents, reasonable, natural and righteous, say it can also move a large wave of people.

But is it really fair for girls?

If you can choose, I believe that no child will be willing to choose such a life.

From the day she was born, she was deprived of the right to enjoy her childhood.

And no one is qualified to share his tragedy with a brand new life from the day he was born.

The tragedy of parents.

But only the most selfish parents can pass the tragedy on to the next generation.

If you really want to love a child, try to prepare a decent home and bring him into the world.

He needs his parents to have a normal life, so that he can be loved and respected, rather than the surprised eyes of his peers.

This is the normal life a child should have.

Dont think that the child knows nothing, dont deceive him any more what is called happy and harmonious.

He can see the happiness of others, and he knows everything.