Is it true that Gutianle and Xuanxuan married in the year?

 Is it true that Gutianle and Xuanxuan married in the year?

The source of the news is marketing numbers such as Weibo: Hong Kong media explosion Gutianle bought a yacht and will be married this year! The 49-year-old woman is the leading actress in last years co-production. Xuan Xuan was born in 1970, and worked with Gu Tianle last year to make the movie Crime Scene according to the target. It is Xuan Xuan that the explosion refers to.

Have you ever brushed a picture like this?

Just like some people said before that after Lin Qingxias divorce, she would spend the rest of her life with the Qin and Han Dynasties in the ancient and rare years, and her feelings could not be feigned any more. At that time, the predecessors of publishing circles who had private relations with Lin Qingxia refuted her rumors in Wechat.

Xuan Xuan performed on stage in July this year, and Gu Tianle gave flower baskets to cheer him up.

Xuan Xuan is busy performing the stage play Great Resignation Day on Pressure Hill. She is lazy about gossip.

Xuan Xuan performed the stage play Great Resignation Day in July this year, under great pressure. Lin Feng and others sent flower baskets in their personal names to congratulate him. Last weekend, Chen Huishan went to see the show in person (according to friends who saw it close, the real person looks much better than the pictures from the usual media po, in good condition).

Ancient Tianyue, known for its filial piety, bought a yacht for her mother to watch fireworks in Victoria Harbour.

Xuan Xuan also claimed to be single in an interview with ELLE magazine in July 2019. Its beautiful.

One thing my cousin loved to do before was to let me guess when Xuan Xuan was. She was really a winner in the fight against years.

However, Luo Jialiang died early in the TVB period (although he later divorced and remarried his wife in the Mainland), while Gu Tianle was unmarried and more matched in age. Criminal Investigation 4 was too classic to support Ancient Xuan Love for more than 20 years.

Xuan Xuan in A Sir Morning is quite cute and cute.

In that years other Dinner with Song Jia, Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan performed cousins, and in the play there was Gu Tianles girlfriend Huang Jiying. It is said that Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan were expected to be joined in the emotional line, but later he was going to shoot The Sculpture Swordsmen, so only the front part was taken.

Xuan Xuan and Gu Tianle love the most thrilling drama, Criminal Investigation 4. Both of them have great charm in their roles.

My cousin is a loyal fan of Xuan Xuan. One time in Watsons family, she found the golden plum film which was rarely seen in Shanghai at that time. It was a snack repeatedly appearing in Xuan Xuan and Gu Tianles Criminal Investigation Archives 4. Golden plum slices are made into heart-shaped pink, and each of us eats them religiously. My cousin said with emotion that she planned to eat this box of Jinmei movies slowly for two years: In the days without Xuanxuan TV series, eating thick Jinmei movies reminded me of the years of Criminal Investigation File 4... Lyric, absolute lyric!

However, Criminal Investigation 4 is the end of BE, who can think of the eventual performance of Qian Qian back to Hailan. With Xu Feis character, Qian Qian is destiny, responsibility and destination. Wu Qiaojuns final departure was too masochistic.

My feeling at that time was that the new generation of Huadan was aggressive. Xuan Xuan always shared the ancient music with Xinhua Dan in the play. Criminal Investigation 4 was taken away by the Hong Kong sister champion to Hailan, and then Guo Xianni, another Hong Kong sister champion in Searching for the Qin Dynasty, was replaced by another Hong Kong sister champion.

On the 2002 TVB calendar, Xuan Xuan and Gu Tianle were in battle for January. But Searching for Qin Ji is the end of Ancient Xuan Love. The two of them will cooperate again in 17 years.

Xuan Xuan and Gutianle on the 2002 TVB calendar. Why is this Xuan Xuan so tender?

During the years of their cooperation, they basically had their own couples. Xuan Xuans boyfriend was Zhang Weijian at the beginning of her circle. Later, she spent many years with Rong Wenhan, a nephew of Chairman Rong Zhijian of CITIC Pacific. Later, he fell in love with dentist Chen Jianwei.

Liu Yucui, He Meizhao, Huang Jiying, Li Ruotong and Zhao Xuehe. Who do they play, remember?

They fell in love with each other in The Song family at dinner and broke up seven years later. From 1994 to 2001! Interestingly, up to now, Huang Jiying is 44 years old, and many people think that she and Gutianle secretly compound.

Huang Jiying, the right one

Gutianle and Xuanxuan interacted again in 2017. Xuan Xuan began to take pictures with Gutianle on her microblog. When publicizing TVBs Women Who Dont Know How to Be Coquettish, he spoke to Gutianle from time to time: Yes, Guzi, its different now. Now its time to go to bed.

In fact, Gu Tianles company signed Xuan Xuan, in other words, Gu Tianle became Xuan Xuans boss.

Xuan Xuan and Gutianle on the Cover of Hong Kong Media in 2018

At the Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition in March 2019, the film editors of Search for Qin Ji made an appearance. Gu Tianle, Xuan Xuan, Lin Feng, Guo Xianni, Teng Liming and Zheng Xuer will play the film version together.

At this years film exhibition, the film version of Searching for the Qin Dynasty made its debut.

Television, unlike movies, carries a faster and clearer time stamp. In recent years, there have been as many actors and actresses gathering in TVB classic dramas as in our parentsclassmates and colleagues dinners. One Royal Court, Tianlong Babu... Lin Baoyi, Chen Huishan, Ouyang Zhenhua and Guan Yonghe...

Even Xuan Xuan, Chen Huishan and Hu Xinger have embarked on their trips together this year.

Those pictures and the TV memories brought by those characters can always hit peoples hearts with such precision, which is the label of the times. Its just a memory, no matter how beautiful it is.


Jijiansha: Former Shanghai Yizhou Brand Columnist, graduated from Fudan University with Masters degree in Ancient Chinese Literature, loves the multi-culture of Eight Diagrams, loves interesting cold-door knowledge, and loves mature beauty with stories. Yes, only beautiful people have the motivation to write.

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