Five actors in Operation Ice Breaking light up Detective Kechen

 Five actors in Operation Ice Breaking light up Detective Kechen

Well-known actor Wu Yue shocked the audience as early as in My First Half Life. This time, Kong Ruxue, who plays in Detective Kechen, as Kechens ex-girlfriend, can be said to be very involved in dealing with emotional drama. He not only interprets the atmosphere brought by the lawyer in place, but also acts as a womans emotional melancholy.

Sha Ying, who impressed people in The Biography of Wulin many years ago, has made remarkable contributions to film and television dramas over the years. But this time, once the safflower is willing to play a minor supporting role. Sha Ying plays Sha Desheng, although not brilliant in the whole play, but with its usual acting skills and its own flow, people instantly eye-catching.

In the play, actor Shen Chi plays Lu Songlin, which makes many fans obsessed. As a policeman, Shen Chis pinching is very moderate. He needs not only the rigor and integrity of a legal practitioner, but also the characteristics that an ordinary person should possess. In these two different characters, Shen Chi has more than one edge to deal with. On the other hand, what attracted the attention of fans was his perfect figure after years of strict requirements and unremitting exercise.

Beauty comes out, one top two. Lv Yiyi made a proof with concrete action. In the play, she plays the role of Huang Ying, which only relies on her external image to enhance the average face value of the play. Of course, as a supporting role, Lu Yis acting skills have not been affected at all. She has appeared in a number of traffic-class movies and TV dramas, this time, she also earned enough traffic in Detective Kechen.

The protagonists and supporting actors also have their own strengths. The combination of the two has contributed to the various records set by Detective Kechen within a short period of time. With the further promotion of the plot, there will be more supporting roles, which will be discovered by the audience.