New roles in the movie Big Secret 2 collide with spark crazy circle powder

 New roles in the movie Big Secret 2 collide with spark crazy circle powder

Netease Entertainment reported on July 10 that Big Secret 2 created by Universal Pictures and Lighting Entertainment is on hot release. Up to now, the film has not only won 9.0 points in Cats Eye, but also ranked first among the same-stage films with 8.9 points. While continuing the series of signboard laughing styles, Love Beloved Secret 2 has also incorporated more subversive jokes with the new roles of Daisy, Uncle Lu, and other Western Shi dogs. The film is now being screened happily.

As one of the most worthwhile works of public praise this summer, Big Secret 2 brings fresh experience to audiences through the sparks colliding between old and new pet characters. As announced by todays Moxi Xi Shi notice, the new sage dog Daisy, with unique Tucao funny new style, has injected a new laugh to the film. Comedy Queen Marys voice dedication to Daisy brought Daisy a unique cool energy, so that the role is more lively and happy, and attracted the audience to call Marys voice is too personal, especially in line with Daisys image!

Lushu, a shepherd dog who joined the big family as a new role, also became the ideal type of many audiences because of the image of the cold dog-born mentor, who absorbs countless pollen: strong, gentle, responsible, rational, interesting, proud, and has the right sensibility. Old Gun Feng Xiaogangs excellent dubbing also let fans point out: A Beijing accent is too funny. Feng Xiaogangs Chinese dubbing is a bright spot, absolutely full marks of praise!

Big Secret 2 is on the air.