Adding 7 Lexus RX Extended Edition May be on the market in August

 Adding 7 Lexus RX Extended Edition May be on the market in August

The extended version of RXL retains the overall design style of the existing models. However, it only lengthened the length of the car body from 4890 mm to 5050 mm and increased the height from 10 mm to 1700 mm, but the wheelbase remained unchanged at 2790 mm.

Overseas Lexus RXL

In terms of interior decoration, the overall layout of the front row has also not changed. However, the adjustable range of the front and rear seats of the second row reaches 150 mm, and the third row provides two independent seats with independent air conditioning area. When the rear two rows of seats are all put down, a spacious interior space with flat floor can be obtained.

In terms of configuration, the new RX family has introduced BladeScanTMAHS, the worlds first self-adaptive control system for extreme-speed rotating mirror high-light, and the newly upgraded Lexus intelligent security system LSS+. Inspired by rotating fan blades, the former is equipped with 6000 rotating mirrors per minute in the headlamp, reflecting the beam emitted by the LED light source, illuminating the forward direction through the lens, and realizing the accurate control of the irradiation angle to 0.1 degrees.

Lexus Intelligent Safety System LSS + includes PCS Pre-collision Safety System, ACC Adaptive Cruise Control System, ICS Intelligent Radar Brake Assistance and other functions.

On the power side, RX300L is expected to continue to carry 2.0T engine, but the gearbox will be upgraded from 6AT to 8AT; RX450hL will be equipped with a hybrid power system consisting of 3.5L self-priming engine and motor, with a combined output power of 230kW, and continue to match the E-CVT gearbox.