Celtic coach: Arsenals offer is too disgusting and Europa League officials are pushing to make up for it.

 Celtic coach: Arsenals offer is too disgusting and Europa League officials are pushing to make up for it.

Arsenals desire for Tierney is not new. The 22-year-old Scottish international has become the core of Celtics defence at a young age and is also the main player in the Scottish team. Arsenal made an official offer to Celtics last month. The first offer was in line with the Gunnersstyle over the years - the standard price - 15 million pounds! However, the price was immediately rejected by the Celtics. Two weeks later, Arsenals second sincere offer, 18.5 million, was rejected by the Celtics relentlessly. Although Arsenal are a big club in the Premier League, it is understandable that they are shy in their pockets, but the price seems to Celtics not sincere enough and a bit bullying. The Celticspsychological price is around 25 million, which is not too high in the Premier League.

Celtic coach Neil Lennon scorned Arsenals offer, criticizing them for being insincere and wasting everyones time. Lennon said: The clubs in England are always convinced that they can get rid of the transfer market and they still think so. To be fair to football, any club has the right to start bidding at a low price, but Tierneys 15 million offer is disgusting! Not only for Celtic and Scottish football, but also for Tierney. If I were Tierney, I wondered if the data they had assessed me had flown in and observed.

I didnt pay attention to the headlines. I know what were doing now, Lennon said. I talked to Tierney when I was in Austria. Frankly speaking, I havent seen anyone like that lately. He returned to the club very early in order to resume training and hasnt returned to the training ground yet. Its been a turbulent time for every player, but its easy to understand. Only when the club enters the practical stage will we start to do something, otherwise we will not do anything. Hes in rehabilitation now, and were doing what we have to do.

Arsenal have begun to regroup and start pre-season training. The Gunners missed the Champions League this season because they failed to make the top four in the Premier League last season and lost in the Europa League final. This has been a big blow to the Gunners fans, and the good thing about UEFAs Europa League title has also been added. The official account of the Europa League has posted several training maps for the Gunners on Twitter, with the following text: The new season is coming, and Arsenal is the champion of the Europa League in 2020? This account is not the first time that the Premier League club has been tricked. It is funny to watch, but it may be interesting to talk about.

Apart from Arsenals other victims in the Premier League, Chelsea were flirted with the official Europa League account last season and this time welcomed the Redsreturn to Manchester United (Europa Cup)...

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