Xinhua commentary: Taiwan dominates China and resistance to unification by force inevitably fail.

 Xinhua commentary: Taiwan dominates China and resistance to unification by force inevitably fail.

BEIJING, July 10, Xinhua News Agency (Xinhua) - The US side recently announced the sale of weapons and equipment worth about US$2.22 billion to Taiwan, once again exposing the US sides power mentality of ignoring the basic norms of international law and international relations and its inertial thinking of playing the Taiwan card to curb China. Taiwans authorities first sent thanks to show their self-esteem. Over the years, facts have repeatedly proved that arms sales to Taiwan will only damage the overall situation of Sino-US relations and seriously undermine peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Regardless of whether Taiwan dominates China or resists unification by force, it runs counter to the expectations of compatriots on both sides of the Straits to maintain peaceful development and is doomed to failure.

The Taiwan issue has been a touchstone for testing the strategic mutual trust between China and the United States. The United States sells weapons to Taiwan, interferes in Chinas internal affairs, harms Chinas sovereignty and security interests, poisons the atmosphere for the development of military relations between China and the United States, and seriously undermines cross-strait relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Chinas firm opposition to US arms sales to Taiwan is consistent and firm, and its firm opposition to any form of military ties between the United States and the Taiwan region is consistent and firm.

On August 17, 1982, China and the United States issued a joint communique on the issue of arms sales between the United States and Taiwan. In the communique, the United States Government pledged to gradually reduce and eventually stop arms sales from Taiwan. The joint statement issued in 2009 and 2011 reiterated that the fundamental principle of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity is the core of the three Sino-US joint communiques guiding Sino-US relations and the United States expresses its adherence to the principles of the three joint communiques. Since the coming into power of the current U.S. government, many international occasions have shown that the United States adheres to the one-China policy and welcomes the steady development of cross-strait relations across the Taiwan Strait. Words are still in my ears, but they go against each other. The contradictory practices of the US side have seriously damaged its official political credit, and even violated the clear commitments made to the Chinese government and people.

The Taiwan issue concerns Chinas core interests and the national feelings of the Chinese people, and it does not allow any external interference. The US sides Taiwan card to curb China, constantly provoke sensitive nerves in the Taiwan Strait and interfere in Chinas internal affairs will only arouse strong indignation among the Chinese on both sides of the Strait. Here, we would like to advise the US side to recognize the high sensitivity and serious harm of arms sales to Taiwan, correct errors, keep promises, conscientiously handle Taiwan-related issues in accordance with the one-China principle and the provisions of the three Sino-US joint communiques, and stop sending any wrong signals to the separatist forces of Taiwan independence.

For this US arms sale to Taiwan, the DPP authorities expressed their thanks for the first time. It seems that with these US weapons and equipment, they have the cost of confronting the mainland. This is a situation of sitting on the sidelines and misjudging the situation. No matter how willing to engage in an arms race with the mainland, it is impossible to change the current situation of military strength comparison between the two sides. Ultimately, it will only eat its own fruit and harm the well-being and interests of Taiwan compatriots.

Since the DPP came to power, it has bought weapons from the United States four times, totaling more than $4 billion. They are willing to play the chess and chips of Taiwan-made China in the United States, pay protection fee to themselves with the sweat money of the people, and guarantee the long-term order of the American arms business, but they can not guarantee Taiwans security. Here, we would like to warn the Taiwan authorities that it is unreliable to bet on foreign forces. Any act of embezzlement and elevation of antagonism will surely set fire to itself and bring bad consequences to itself.

Todays China will never tolerate the repetition of the historical tragedy of national division. There is no way out for the Taiwan authorities to carry on foreign affairs and respect themselves, and the United States is doomed to fail to control China by Taiwan. We firmly safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait region. We will never allow the separatist forces of Taiwan independence to separate Taiwan from China in any form or in any name. Any attempt to challenge the one-China principle cannot succeed and is doomed to be futile.

Source: Xinhua responsible editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499