The Most Difficult Classical Writings to Learn in Student Age Hot Search for Lisao to Win the Championship

 The Most Difficult Classical Writings to Learn in Student Age Hot Search for Lisao to Win the Championship

Modern Express News Final Examination is over, the summer vacation mode is open, and various remedial classes for students are also arranged? Recently, the most difficult classical Chinese to memorize in the school days has been hotly searched, and Lisao, Xiaoyaoyou and Shishibiao have all been named. Netizens voted, causing a wave of memory killing. The comment area below the voting microblog became a subset of paragraphs.

Vote for the most difficult to recite classical Chinese, commentary section into paragraph subset

Which is the most difficult classical Chinese to recite in the school days? A netizen voted on Weibo and listed three options: Lisao, Jishi Watch and Xiaoyao. As of the afternoon of July 10, Lisao ranked first with 124,000 votes. It must be Lisao. There are not so many uncommon characters. Lisao, it feels that the sentence patterns are similar, has been exploring on the road of back fork.

Xiaoyaoyou won 114,000 votes, and Execution Form got 68,000 votes. I didnt know when it was 90,000 miles after graduation. Was it the horn or the rocking? I didnt reciteHappy Journeyuntil I graduated.

In the comment area, some netizens point out other articles, such as Preface to Ma Sheng in Sending Dongyang, On Passing Qin Dynasty, Red Cliff Fu and so on. Long space and unusual words become the focus of Tucao. The Debate of Cao Mu, I cried on my back.

Some people use ancient Chinese poetry or poetry sentence Tucao: long sigh to cover up, Shu Road is difficult, hard to go up in the sky, this hate has no end.

Others said that carrying on ones back is a string; some people simply staged the scene of string burning: Emperors entrepreneurship was not half and the middle way collapsed, todays second three, two dust, a stream of water, in a nutshell, not poplar dots, is a tear away from people.

Teacher: Sometimes I will talk about some wild history to help understand the memory.

As soon as the summer vacation arrives, the junior high school students begin to prepare for the first year of junior middle school curriculum, and the junior high school students begin to rub their hands together on the starting line of the first year of senior high school. How to break the difficulty of classical Chinese?

In fact, it is not without magic tricks. Generally, we choose the method of knowing people and discussing the world. Simply put, it means understanding the meaning of the article, knowing the authors life background and writing some related stories. The reason why students cant remember is that they are mechanical and scattered memories. If the title of the article, the author of the article, the Dynasty and so on are linked together, the relationship between them will form a system. Lu Yongtao, a well-known education and training institution in Nanjing, is a teacher who focuses on Chinese teaching.

In addition, Lu Yongtao said that in order to attract childrens attention and arouse their interest, he would adapt to the needs of students and try to choose interesting things, such as historical stories and even some related wild history, to help children understand some major historical events and then understand ancient Chinese.

Source: Modern Express Author: Liu Jingyan, Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799