How far are you from Fruit Freedom?

 How far are you from Fruit Freedom?

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How far are you from Fruit Freedom when you pay 3000 yuan for a premium grape? (Source:)

Following the frequent hot search of Cheli Zi Freedom and Litchi Freedom, the topic of National Fresh Fruit Price Rising is again on the hot search list today.

National Bureau of Statistics: The price of fresh fruit in China rose by 5.1% annually and 42.7% year-on-year. In June, the national fresh fruit price rose by 5.1%, affecting the CPI rise by about 0.11 percentage points, and the current price level is at a historic high.

In addition to the car Tucson netizen Tucao said that even ordinary fruits can not afford to eat:

@ Yulingll: I bought a peach for 20 yuan in the morning.

@ My name is high calorie 123456: Yesterday I weighed two apples for 17 yuan and put them down.

@ Xu Xiaoyu yg: I bought two bunches of grapes last week.

@ Strong Lamb Di: My colleague bought a pear for ten yuan.

When netizens shout Fruit Freedom, look at the fruits of Japan and Korea.

This is the price of watermelon that a netizen caught while traveling to Japan. A small piece of watermelon costs 645 yuan after tax, about 40 yuan. So a whole watermelon can sell more than 400 yuan!?

This picture is a watermelon in a Korean supermarket. It sold for 29,800 won, about 173 yuan!

Foreign media BuzzFeed once visited a high-end fruit store in Japan.

_430 yuan a box of 12 strawberries

_1326 yuan a watermelon

132 yuan for an apple

However, its not the most expensive yet! The following table tennis-sized grapes and white strawberries may be more expensive than a car.

A bunch of 1.2 million premium grapes

Japans premium grape Romantic Ruby made its first bid this season, with a new record of 1.2 million yen (about 76,000 yuan) at the top. The grapes are only 24 grapes, each of which is worth about 3,200 yuan.

Romantic Ruby grapes are named for their ruby-like color.

The Romantic Ruby grape grown in central Japan is one of the most expensive fruits in the world. It has a sweet taste and low acidity.

The variety, which was bred only in 2008, can now sell at 100,000 yen ($880) per string and is expected to continue to rise.

White Strawberry vs Ordinary Strawberry

Everyone was shocked when people saw a piece of white strawberry, farmer Yasuhito Teshima told CNN. Because the strawberry is difficult to grow and more susceptible to pests and diseases than red strawberries, he can only successfully sell strawberries with a yield of about 10%. The price of a pack of white strawberries is $40.

More expensive than white strawberries is this beautiful princess strawberry, which produces 500 berries a year. The peasantsdemands on its appearance are almost harsh.

Its hard to keep these strawberries in the right shape. Sometimes they grow into a ball, says Okuda Nichio, a farmer. All he had to do was make the strawberry look like a spoon.

It took me 15 years to figure out how to shape it perfectly.

The strawberries he grew were the size of tennis balls and could produce only 500 a year, each selling for more than 500,000 yen ($4395).

What makes fruits a luxury in Japan?

In many Western cultures, people pay more attention to the nutritional value of apples and oranges, while in Japan, fruits are raised to the spiritual level and are commonly used to worship gods.

For this reason, high-end fruits are usually given as very formal gifts to show respect for each other.

Sembikiya, a high-end fruit store, estimates that 80-90% of its fruits are bought as gifts for weddings, business visits and visits to patients.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Gu Yunting_NBJS8499